Unsplash you life.

We must admit: Blurting out secrets isn’t always fun. Especially when the secrets are little helpers or gimmicks that’ll make you look really creative. Superfunky Instagram Filters, for example. Or Designer Sales giving 80 percent discount, but you won’t be able to go till it’s almost over. But we take our job seriously and love letting you in on the wonderful things we discover. Such as unsplash, by far the most amazing and useful photosite worth sharing throughout the whole worldwideweb and one of the reasons we look so pretty most of the time. On unsplash.com you can find beautiful, professional photos in high res and use them for anything. Yes, you might say that’s nothing new, creative commons, you’ve seen that before. But you haven’t. Not like this, anyway. ­­The otherwise confusing and incomprehensible terms of use all boil down to one sentence here: Do whatever you want! Drag and drop. Use it for your profile picture, on your website, on packaging, for presentations or international ad campaigns. No Problem. On unsplash.com there is even an area featuring the best things made with unsplash. The idea first started as a just-for-fun side project of the creative project development platform Crew. They had some extra shots left from their last shooting and wanted to give them away. A couple of hours and ten thousand clicks later it was the next big thing on the internet. Every photographer can upload his best pics to a personal unsplash account. “Ten photos every ten days” is the snappy motto: Every ten days, the best ten pictures submitted make it on to the site, each of them chosen by a changing top-class jury. You can also subscribe to the feed, if you like. The photographers are happy about wide spread distribution and growing click rates on their websites, unsplash is happy about a growing community and we are happy about great images. At this rate, it’ll be time to say goodbye to Getty & Co soon. But until then: please, don’t tell anyone.
unsplash – Free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos | unsplash.com