It’s a piano thing

March 28 is Piano Day – and what a magical day it will be! Last year, Nils Frahm, musician and piano-loving composer with a prosperous penchant for musical experiments, first initiated this festive day in honour of the piano for everyone to participate and get involved in. Now, we’re about to celebrate Piano Day for the second time round: concerts and events throughout the world will pay homage to the keyboard instrument – as in Berlin, as in the lobby of the lovely Michelberger Hotel. Starting on the stroke of midnight, 21 artists will come together for a 24-hour piano marathon. Light-handedly played classical music, experimental electronic sounds, juicy jazz melodies or soft and gentle one-handed virtuosity – either way, the piano is enchanting, touching and moving. Surely, the appearance of Tom Adams will be an emotional highlight. At a concert in the summer of 2014, Nils Frahm had asked pianists in the audience to step on stage to play on his self-built piano. The Englishman followed up on the request and went on to touch the audience’s heart with a fairylike performance. Nils spontaneously joined in and the rest is history! We’re super-excited and look forward to listening, dreaming or – whoever can – playing along.


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