Philip Siefer

The 2 Minute Interview

Philip Siefer invented condoms. Wait, that can’t be right – he’s only 32 years old! Uh, he reinvented condoms. Together with his business partner Waldemar Zeiler he founded einhorn condoms. Finally, a fairly traded, sustainable and ethical condom! Buying condoms shouldn’t be embarrassing. It should be fun. The guys behind einhorn have made it their mission to make contraceptives cool and sexy. The little lifesavers come in super cute packaging that looks like a bag of crisps. We met the busy bee Mr Siefer and asked him all about his first time, hidden fears and awkward physical complaints.


Name: Philip Siefer

Age: 32

City: Hamburg

Job: Chief Executive Unicorn

Shoesize: 42,5

Favourite position: wheelbarrow


What was your first time like?
Brilliant, the best thing I’ve ever experienced. We were both super skilled and knew exactly what we were doing. 

What was his or her name?
Her name was, err, Esther.


Do you believe in unicorns?


The most beautiful word for the most beautiful thing in the world?
Banging, nailing, fucking, screwing, pounding, shagging. All good if the moment is right. Okay, pounding is hardly ever right…


What is so embarrassing about buying condoms in a supermarket?
On shelves between dog food, toilet paper, maxi-pads, tampons and pregnancy tests is where you’ll find them. Clothing for your penis to keep sex safe. Wrapped in packaging with illustrations of willies and graphics of Andromeda nebula to turn you on. Or not. Why do condoms look so peculiar?


When did you realize you were all grown up?
I have beard and almost no spots. And I’m on first name terms with my mother.


What is humanity’s greatest invention?
Sitting! Before that we could only stand or lie. Just imagine! (Helge Schneider is right…)


What is your generation’s biggest problem?
There is no problem – that’s the problem. No Problem and too many choices.


Which idea would you like to have had?
You mean apart from selling condoms in crisp bags? Well, electricity is a pretty good thing. Oh, if anyone gets it done before me: beaming would be awesome! Which reminds me, ideas aren’t half as important as their implementation. I guess I would like to have implemented the hover board.


What are you ashamed of?
It’s not too bad anymore. But any physical illnesses, even if it’s just a cold, make me very uncomfortable-


What did you want to become when you were a kid?
A millionaire. 

You’re on a plane and it’s about to crash. Who get’s one last message?
I have a parachute. In any other case it would always be Superman! Sender’s name: Lois Lane


Which super power would you like to have?
Ah, now that question ;) Definitely Wolverine’s.


What would you cook for us if we visited you at home?
My cooking skills are pretty basic, but I do cook a lot. For example noodles (the really thin ones) with loads of Parmesan and butter and some truffles. Or quiche? Perhaps Crème Brulée afterwards and then some cheese. Maybe Chaource? And espresso, of course. Bring a bottle of Pouilly Fumé, please.


What are you afraid of?
Peace and quiet, and incomprehensible ideologies like racism get me down. The fact that Germany has a huge lobby against refugees is very frightening. I just can’t grasp that sort of attitude and I find it rather strange living among people that think that way. Who knows what else they’re thinking?


When did you last try something new and what was it?
I’m travelling to Pellworm tomorrow! That’s the latest thing I can think of, but I love trying new stuff.


What should no one know about you?
Oh wow, I almost fell for that! I’m not telling. Ok, red!


Which question should we have asked?
Nothing to complain about. Good job!


Last Words:
Cytotoxin (well, at least that’s what a German encyclopaedia says!)