The 2 Minute-Interview

Milena Glimbowski doesn’t really need an introduction. Since she opened Original Unverpackt, Berlin’s first package-free supermarket, she is always involved and usually leading when the topic is good, sustainable ideas that make our society, wait no, the world we live in better. The crowdfunding campaign for the implementation of Original Unverpackt was the most successful ever at that time – in meantime, it has been surpassed by Ein Guter Plan, a mindfulness calendar by…? Exactly, Milena Glimbowski. That’s kind of like James Cameron with ‚Titanic‘ and ‚Avatar‘, just with less water and blue folks. So if somebody knows something about crowdfunding and good ideas, then it’s her. At the moment, she working on publishing Ein Guter Plan in English, to then win over the whole planet. At the Fempreneurs Summit, she was one of the most inspiring and funny speakers ever and charmed us with her character and her thoughts. Enough reason for us to enquire about the future, humanity, her own (package) freedom, Anna and her circle of friends, sex, music and good books. Oh, and by the way: a fabulous Webinar with Milena took place last night on Edition F. Subject: How to be happier with less.

Name: Milena Glimbovski
Age: 26
Home: Berlin Neukölln
Profession: Entrepreneur
Shoe size: 35,5
Favorite thought: These are good times
Contact: @milenskaya on all channels

Is humanity on a good way? 
We don’t know the destination, but we’ll get there in the end.

Why should we be having children right now?
Because we left the Einhorn condoms on the beside table.

What does a human need to live?
Love. For another human, for friends, for himself, for life.

Which three things can you not live without?
Sex. Music. Books.

Be honest, how package-free do you live?
I do buy crisps occasionally. I’m into additives. And the Ritalin for my ADHS from the pharmacy is not available without packaging yet.

When is a plan good?
When everything turns out completely different but you still have solutions. So a plan b, that might even turn out better than the original.

Please complete: In the year 2070…
… there will be no war, no hate, no poverty, no hunger. Because the machine will have taken over the world.

When was the last time you truly laughed?
I had a heartache and talked to my business partner Jan about it. He stayed professional as always and sent me this gif. That helped.

What are you battling at the moment?
My health. When I’m too motivated and work too much, my body sometimes can’t keep up.

Do you know a poem by heart?
Pitschpatschnass, floh ich unter das Vordach, des Fachgeschäfts, vom Himmel floss ein Bach, ich schätze, es war halb acht, doch ich war hellwach, als mich Anna ansah, anlacht.

The most important invention of mankind?
Fire? I hate the cold.

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you at home?
Quinoa with sheep’s cheese and beetroot.

What do we need to tell everyone about you?
When I see a skateboard, I just have to hop on – no matter whether I’m wearing high heels or sneakers. I’ve ruined quite a few shoes doing ollies.

What should everyone have done once in their life?
Get lost in strange city.

What would you change if you had the power to?
I would let everyone switch roles. To look at a stranger’s life through their eyes creates understanding.

What should no one know about you?
How tall I am.

Do have some good advice for all of us?
Frequently question what you take for granted.

Which question should we have asked you?
How tall I am.

Last words: