Organic Glamour

If you work a lot, you need to eat a lot. And that is why we ordered really special stuff from a really special store during our last photo-shoot for our dear client Teatox (see above for results). The Organic Glamour Food Bar on Veteranenstraße offers culinary delights for any time of day. From now on, their delicious and creative variations of textures and flavours just might please our palate every single day. Would you like a taste? We recommend starting the day with some crunchy muesli, fresh fruit and heavenly cream. Later, you should then try a hearty sandwich with avocado, lettuce and a poached egg. Really, what is the point of life without luscious bread with that perfectly crisp crust and glamorous toppings anyway? Superfood soups, daily specials, and fantastic salads with your individual ingredients top it all off. Everything is organic, homemade and very substantial. More of a meal-in-a-sandwich instead of white bread filled with nothing but air. And don’t miss the outrageously delicious chocolate brownie made of pure happiness! Have we ever been this enthusiastic about a new eatery before? Great place, great food, great people, great catering! Fancy lunch at the office? Order via foodora and have it delivered to your desk. Enjoy autumn and eat yourself happy!
Organic Glamour Food Bar | Veteranenstr. 16, 10119 Berlin | open daily, 10am – 6pm | Facebook >>