A short while ago, we were allowed to be there when the ecological mobile Fairphone was awarded the Blue Angel, the German government’s certification for the protection of humans and the environment. We met all kinds of people who care deeply about our planet and got to know the fantastic Filipino performance artist Pepe Dayaw. Pepe works with leftovers. Leftover food, to be precise. With everything that’s left over in supermarkets or that people have found in the back row of their fridge. And this is how that came about: During an artist residency in Berlin, Pepe dealt with the negative connotations of leftovers in the western world – and noticed how different the view on scraps is here compared to the culture in which he grew up. There, one person’s leftovers are always the next person’s opportunity. Every Thursday, the Nowhere Kitchen in the Uferstraße cooks with what’s there. Without recipes, without instructions but with a lot of zest and improvisation. The result is always uncertain, there are no limits. Mix that spinach with strawberries? Why not? Purée a dry Bundt cake? Okay! Just shred everything through the grater and invent a new kind of hash brown? Sure! If you know how. His integrative cooking is, above all, an ode to democracy. Anyone can join in, there is no chef. After all, there’s nothing more enjoyable than cooking together. Well, perhaps eating together. Which can happen here, too. If you want to try it out, drop by tomorrow in the New Leftover Space. Why? There are 45 kilos of cheese left over. Yummy!
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