Artsy Fartsy

The gallery weekend is right around the corner. Goodness gracious, where will we go, what’s worth it and what isn’t? Honestly? We don’t know either. But being able to discover and just drift adds to the attraction of this city brimming with art, ideas and trash, that is Berlin. But of course we are not at a loss of a small selection for you, a sort of guide through the highlights in the wild goings-on. Here you go: In his newest paintings, Olaf Holzapfel is addressing the relationship between man and nature. What’s special: They are collages made of material from the periphery – straw from the Lausitz and Brandenburg, Chaguar from the dry forests of Chaco in Northern Argentina, paintings and folds of interleaved straw, lined spaces in which the light breaks, net-like woven textile pictures from cactus threads coloured with substances won from surrounding plants. The vernissage to this exhibition, which is open until June 4th at Daniel Marzona in Friedrichstraße 17, is taking place on Friday from 6 to 9 p.m. The line as a place of movement that is path and point at the same time is the connecting element between the two exhibitions „Flowers will cover everything“ by Elio Graziano and „SPEKTRA“ by Stefan Reiss, both starting tonight from 6 to 10 p.m. in the HB55 Kunstfabrik and open over the Gallery Weekend daily from 12 to 6 p.m. To celebrate the opening tonight there will be a live performance by OKO and Any Pretty in the installation of Stefan Reiss. Forecast: it will be awesome! Find more information here. And saving the best for last: Our friends from sygns – yes, the guys with the neon-signs – are opening their first pop-up bar before, during and all around the weekend. Come and visit them at Linienstraße 87 in Mitte to arrive, linger, talk shop and indulge in some cultivated tipsiness. They have created a little island in the artistic buzz for animated exchange, relaxation and inspiration for artists and anyone who appreciates a good chat and good drink in the glow of a neon light. Pop-up Gallery Bar Weekend, if you like. At the opening on Friday from 6 p.m. you can enjoy Jonathan Mendiola’s DJ-set. So we’ll see you there for a glass and a cheers in the flow of time and space. All for art, art for all!
Berlin Gallery Weekend | sygns Pop-up Gallery Bar, Linienstr. 87, 10119 Berlin, Facebook | Olaf Holzapfel – Der perfekte Weg, Fr. 29. April 18-21 Uhr, Galerie Daniel Marzone, Friedrichstr. 17, 10969 Berlin, Facebook | SPEKTRA & Flowers will cover everything, HB55 Kunstfabrik, Herzbergstr. 55, 10356 Berlin, Facebook |Copyright: Olaf Holzapfel, Spread, 2014 (detail), courtesy of Daniel Marzona