Year in, year out

Here it is, our favourite moment of all: the end of the year. Our loved ones are gathered ‚round us, we’ve had a few drinks (perhaps a few too many), there’s lots of laughter and loud talking, our faces are rosy, everyone is moving up closer and a touch of the hand can replace words. And although it’s just a number, everybody’s is a little excited. Today, something is coming to an end – and something new is about to begin. Then someone starts asking all these questions: What was the happiest moment of the year? Who did you miss? What’s your song of the year? And then, what happens next is just wonderful: words start spilling out of our mouths, we exchange memories, argue, laugh and cry while we remember all the awkward situations the year has had in store for us. Can we please make this moment last forever? Yes, we can. vatter&vatter’s Gedankenblock (notepad for thoughts) is the perfect place to capture it. The notepad contains  26 questions about the past year and 24 questions for the new year. It provides inspiration for discussions, and encourages us to dream about new ideas and reminisce over past experiences. Either in a group or all by yourself – wrapped up on the sofa on January 1st, recovering from your hangover and filling the first few pages with all your New Year’s resolutions. We, for our part, are already looking forward to another fantastic year full of surprises with people and things that will amaze us, make us think and help us grow.
Gedankenblock | | 18 Euro