Put it in writing.

They’re easy, quick and fun. We all use them – emoticons. But when did you last write out an emoticon in actual letters? Giving your feelings and emotions space, making them come to life with real words and punctuation marks, not in an email or PM via Facebook, but with pen and paper? Paper that you can smell, feel, fold up and keep forever? When was the last time you wrote a letter? Chrish & Jenny are in the paper business. They design, create and make unique and stunningly beautiful paper stationary and gifts. It all began on a Wednesday – hence the label’s name: Wednesday Paper Works. Paper works. It urges you to slow down, pause and consider. Paper is the counterweight to all things virtual, the delete-button and copy-paste-automatism. Jenny is the master bookbinder, whereas Chrish designs the products and ponders over new materials next door. At the end of the creative process, traditional manufacturing skills are combined with contemporary design. Something unforeseen, inspiring and simply beautiful is created through the combination of natural products, embossing, typography, colours and illustration. Click yourself through a colourful assortment of products such as notebooks, greeting cards, business cards, storage boxes and personalized books on – and you’re all set for contemplation. We’re giving away two of our favourite orange Eno notebooks – fill them with writing or just decorate your desk with them. Write us a letter or send an email with the subject “Paper works!” to

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