Elegantly wasted

Fancy turning your life upside down. Ditch the excess baggage, refrain from all unnecessary things, maybe even radically become part of the »100 Things Challenge«. Which objects would survive your ultimate clear-out? On the one hand you’d probably have personal things and memorabilia like your first record, your ex-boyfriends t-shirt or your diaries. On the other hand there would be all those things that we hold in our hands everyday, things that have become so indispensable throughout our daily life and at the same time so trivial and self-evident that we hardly take notice of them anymore. All those things that simplify our life, things that are just there, living in everyone’s drawers because we couldn’t imagine mastering modern life without them. All of them being objects of anonymous everyday design that is not featured on design blogs or hyped in glossy magazines. The exhibition „No Name Design” at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg finally brings exactly these objects into focus. We all use things like scissors, gloves and measuring instruments yet we rarely know who invented or designed them. But in this almost immeasurable chamber of curiosities of product design we can learn about them. The exhibition is curated by Swiss product designer and teacher Franco Clivio, who has been collecting items since he “has had trouser pockets“, as he says – functional items perfectly constructed, innovatively simple and with integrated intelligence.

No Name Design | Museum für Kunst & Gewerbe Hamburg | until 3. April 2016 | Admission: 12 Euro| www.mkg-hamburg.de | Foto: Hans Hansen