Itsy bitys tweenie beenie!

Fashion and nature loving surfer girl quits design job, leaves home to travel and surf through South America and then returns to start a new career designing eco friendly and sexy beachwear. That is the story behind MYMARINI – the beautiful ethical swimwear made in Hamburg. MAR is the Spanish word for sea, INI stands for bikini and the surfer girl gone fashion designer just happens to be called MAReen. Perfect match! Her Bikinis not only look amazing with their new and different babydoll-look, they are absolutely suited for high seas and therefore surfing. The gorgeous MYMARINI pieces are a brilliant combination of style, sustainability and function. They are designed in Hamburg, “fairmade” in Germany from exclusively environmentally friendly materials, very chic and super practical­. This swimming gear is bikinilicious! We give away a voucher for the bikini or swimsuit of your choice. Simply send an email with ‚OH MY!’ to
MYMARINI – ethical Swimwear | Price: approx. 200 Euro | | Facebook