Spring Greens

It was April 2013, so pretty exactly three years ago, when we first put foot on the lawn and later inside the ancient hallowed halls of the former crematory in Wedding. It only felt strange for a moment – before we went in, to be precise. Because this enchanting place, that seems to welcome each visitor with both its wings stretched out like open arms, radiates peace, serenity and vigour and is pretty unique in this loud, fast city. We arranged our third Golden Dinner there and in the four weeks of its existence, we became one with the rooms, floors, walls and the grand dome hall. Today, the silent green Kulturquartier is breathing life into the space. It wants to be understood as an open yet protected room for thinking, research and experimentation. A particular focus is set on multidisciplinarity, encounters and transformation. And what could be more suitable for interactive exchange than a comfortable and cordial restaurant. Exactly. The question is, of course, rhetorical and yet there is an answer: The Moos Restaurant in just that location is a culinary oasis of tranquillity. Street food pioneer and deli professional Charlie Huber runs the breezily designed restaurant (and its garden) with the unspoilt view into green nature and serves varying dishes, coffee and cakes. Vegetarian and vegan alternatives go without saying – delicious and fresh, of course.  The cuisine is in no way dogmatic, in fact it’s quite surprising – even for the chef, who often doesn’t decide what he’s cooking until he’s been to the market. Where moss is seeing to its important role as nutrient reservoir, this idyllic treasure is fulfilling its function as provider of nutrients in a creative way. Breakfast on weekends and holidays, for example, is presented so magnificently that the resident squirrels Erich and Egon can get quite tempted by the crunchy muesli. And starting in May, evenings can be spent sitting around the bonfire in the garden with a glass of wine and some small delicacies.
Moos Restaurant in the silent green Kulturquartier | Gerichtstraße 35 in Berlin-Wedding |open Monday to Friday 12 to 6 p.m., Saturdays & Sundays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. | | facebook |