What a day, what a celebration. We’re still thrilled to bits by the wonderful atmosphere, the wonderful people and the wonderful weather (he, he) at the birthday brunch celebrating our 3-year agency anniversary. We spent the day munching, cuddling, listening, laughing and chatting with you. Thank you for celebrating with us and making this day a very special one. We are taking this fabulous energy and will float on to new adventures with it. Thanks to all of our awesome musicians, to our partners, to Jubel, Ofenkatze, Barefoot Living, Haferkater and foodora for the delicious snacks, to BRLO, innocent, Leogant and WOW China for quenching our thirst, to Boom Balloon and above all Bloomon for the sensational decoration made of air, green and love. We’re doing this more often, we’ve decided. If you want to relive this dreamy day, just follow our Facebook photo link. Have fun foraging, liking, tagging and sharing. Spread the love. #MMW3