Très chic!

We need fewer things. We need better things. And we really love the simple and beautiful maritime dufflebags by Marin et Marine. Each individual bag is hand crafted and unique. The upper part is made of natural canvas and complemented by a base either in muted or bright colours. Our current favourites are the Sac Marin Mint (79€) and the Marin Cuir Cognac, made in a little traditional leather manufactury in Berlin. Very simple, very chic! The stylish bags come with adjustable straps and are available in three different sizes. Wear them over your shoulder or even as a rucksack and keep your hands free for cycling, sipping cool drinks in the sun, holding hands etc, etc, etc. They’re perfect for any trip – whether you’re on your way to the office, the beach or your weekend getaway. These bags are super practical and offer plenty of space for all your stuff, they look great, were made to last and created locally with love and dedication. What more could we possibly ask for? Marin et Marine was founded by the twin sisters Valérie and Caroline. They both find inspiration staying with their family in France, and while travelling. What colour does summer have west of Paris, anyway? We’d say yellow! That’s why we’re giving away one beautiful Marin Sac Citron. So, if you’re in need of a new bag for your next trip simply write an email titled ‚AMOUR FOU‘ to Here’s to Franco-German friendship!
MARIN ET MARINE maritime duffle bags | 59 – 210 Euro |