We go English!

mooks_mois_jen_willd: (adjective) free-spirited, passionate, demanding and with a twist. Yes yes yes! It is so wide, as se native speakers would say, ja? It’s time to call all your English speaking friends out there and spread the news: our magnificent, most beloved and one and only muxmäuschenwild magazine (yup, that’s the one!) will now appear in English, too! YAY! Weeks, months, even years went by trying to find a translator who speaks fluent muxmäuschenwild. We practically travelled around the world and back to find her sitting in our very own co-working space. Well, whad’ ya know…? Anyway, at last we’re ready to roll! And it’s about time – all the places, products, projects, events and especially the people we discover with and for you every week are just too fabulous to miss out on any longer! As of today you can also subscribe to the English version on www.muxmeuschewild.de/en. Just like the German version, it will conveniently be dropped into your inbox free of charge every Wednesday. Whoever fancies simply takes both. If English is the only way to go for you and you no longer wish to receive the German version, just drop us line with the subject “SWITCH ME TO THE OTHER SIDE” at hallo@muxmaeuschenwild.de. We are actually kind of excited and hope you’ll like it! Please be gentle, it’s our first time. Wholeheartedly and from the heart of Berlin: let’s exchange, share, network, live – but yet again muxmäuschenwild!
muxmäuschenwild MAGAZIN goes ENGLISH! | muxmaeuschenwild-magazin.de/en  |  Foto: Nicolas Raymond

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