We asked for socks on our last birthday. Bourgeois and uninspired? Absolutely not. The right sock is a statement nowadays. Regarding pattern and colour on the one hand and production and quality on the other. The men’s and children’s socks by „von Jungfeld“ are classic and timeless, colourful and patterned, comfy and still sexy. Supercozy, one could say, because they feel so good to wear and touch. The chief attraction of von Jungfeld socks lies in the contrary. Inner collar and overcast seam are knitted in the complementary colour to the main sock. You can keep that a secret. Or you can fold over the sock and make a statement. The pairs are lovingly rolled together, packed in a pretty sleeve and put in an adequate little box by hand and sold online or in stores. If you want, you can even order a sock-subscription (cancellable at any time) in case the washing machine gets a bit greedy again. Oh and by the way: they are completely made in Germany from threads spun exclusively in Europe. That not only means that sufficient minimum standards are met regarding production and working conditions, but also that the supply chains can be controlled consistently. An all-round carefree sock, so to speak. If this has got you hooked, we’re giving away three sets of three “Freiluft“ sneaker socks. Send us an email with the subject ‚GAMBLE MY SOCKS OFF‘ to Keep your toes crossed and wait to see if you won.
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