A lifetime of shoes

Once a upon a time, architect and visionary thinker Van Bo Le-Mentzel wanted to buy himself a pair of red Chuck Taylors. However, Van Bo did not approve of the production conditions of the popular shoes and decided to produce the shoes himself via a crowd founding campaign – transparent, fair and sustainable. And surprise, surprise: it worked and the Karma Chakh was born!  Karma Chakhs are now called Karma Classics and the production is currently going into its third round. A sensational spot that firstly, we simply cannot get enough of, and secondly, was made for with the spectacular sum of exactly ZERO Euros accompanies the launch. The manufacturers follow a demand-oriented principle and only produce the quantity of shoes that have actually been ordered. As a supporter you can choose different components such as colour, but you also have a say in choosing appropriate production sites to ensure that all shoes are manufactured without child labour, exploitation or any toxic chemicals whatsoever. Taking things another step further – and in full accordance to the karma principle – the shoes have to be affordable for everybody. Besides a limited special edition for the ambitious collector available for 132 Euros, the regular Karma Deal is on offer for 6 Euros. So, if you’re eager to support the project but are lacking financial resources, you can benefit from solidarity. How is this monitored? It isn’t. After all, trust is the basis of everything. Karma rules!
Karma Classics | Sustainable sneakers for 6, 69 and 132 Euros | www.karma-classics.de | www.startnext.de/karma-classics