One of each kind.

Which kind of apple juice did you last drink? Er, what do you mean, which kind? It was apple juice. Hmm, just as we thought… Have you ever noticed that although there is a vast variety of apples (supermarkets might have you believe differently) there’s usually just that one kind of apple juice? Three friends from up north have teamed up to change that. They started the project „leev“ (Plattdeutsch for love) and are bottling up different types of apples: Elstar, Boskoop and Holsteiner Cox. leev lovingly presses each apple variety separately, allowing very different and characteristic flavours to emerge. The result is unique and full-bodied natural juice that really tastes like the apples it’s made from. Unlike processed juices, these varieties are all naturally hand crafted – no preservatives, artificial colourings or added sugars. Depending on the time of harvest, they’ll taste slightly different but they’ll always be delicious – whether just plain, as an apple spritzer or even mixed in a cocktail with vodka. Although these fine juices are almost too precious to not play the lead. Currently, the distribution of the juices in the Hamburg city-area is being taken care of personally by the leev-crew. For inhabitants of all other areas, please to order. Oh, one more thing: without bees there would be no apples. And to help save the bees, 2 cents of every sold bottle of leev apple juice go to regional initiatives promoting the health of honey bees such as „beesharing e.V“, which is creating a network for beekeepers, farmers and bee friends. So each sip of leev apple juice will keep those little bees going strong. YAY! Enjoy the good stuff!
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