Lara Maria Gräfen

The 2 Minute Interview

Lara Maria Gräfen has been living in sin with Berlin for six years and now it’s getting serious. Surreptitously and on the quiet she’s been establishing her own little empire: her fantastic music-model-lifestyle-blog envie, her very own ample supply of gin and her recently released EP Sein und Haben (To Be and To Have). A true allrounder! Find out more about Lara and enjoy her answers to following questions, stop by and catch her vocal debut at Prince Charles this Saturday. Want dessert first? We’re giving away a pair of two tickets, so send an email to Subject and solution: The city Lara mentions in her answer about her song for eternity.

Name: Lara Maria Gräfen
Age: 26
Location: Berlin
Occupation: Singer & Social Media Manager
Shoe size: 38
Favourite designers: Augustin Teboul & Herr von Eden


Your allowed to keep one single piece of clothing from your wardrobe. Which would it be?
My Alexander Wang cut-out dress I bought in New York two years ago. You can get away with pretty much everything wearing that dress. ;-) 

Whose mind would you like to read?
My own.


Your song for eternity?
Jacques Brel – Amsterdam


What’s your cure for stage fright?
Exploring the exact limit where the gin helps before it starts ruining the songs.

What do you spend too much money on?
90% of my money is most likely spent on good food and even better gin. I can never have enough of a good thing.


What’s the first thing you’d do, if you were invisible?
I’d stand in front of a mirror and sing my song „Spiegelbild“ (reflexion).


Who do you phone most often?
My mother, of course. As it should be.


You never leave the house without…?
Never without an outfit that is suitable for all unreasonale demands of daily life, never without my curiosity for all the quirks of Berlin city life, never without enjoying everything summer has to offer, never without hating everything about winter, never without listening for a new melody that might be hiding in a back alley, never without a certain fear that is hard to describe and never without a smile on my face, hiding everything I just said.

You will be reborn as what?
As Countess Maria Lara. 

With whom would you like to sing a duet?

Amy Winehouse would have definitely been my number one. Of all the German-writing ones still alive, I’d choose Clueso.


What do butterflies have in their tummies when they are in love?
Why does this question make me think of matryoschka dolls?


If we came to visit, what would would you cook for us?
A whole lot. Definitely pasta with caramelized walnuts, blue cheese and rocket.


What are you afraid of?
That all of this will be over someday.


When did you last try something new and what was it?

According to my family, I pretty much try leading a completely new life every day. After all, that’s what life is for.


What should no one know about you?

That I have a weakness for people wanting to find out my secrets…


Which question should we have asked?
That should have been the first question. I would have submitted a catalog of questions similar to yours only then to realize that it might have been a better idea not to suck up to the interviewer before the last question.


Last Words:
To be and to have.


Photo: Sasha Kharchenko