Something phishy

This place in Karolinenviertel is posh, very posh. Food is served on Thursdays only and one dish only. But this is then prepared by none other than the people behind „Salt & Silver“, a cookbook combining breath-taking travel reports and mouth-watering recipes collected during a trip through South and Latin America. And at Kleines Phi is where the story continues, where real people are doing real things and putting their heart and soul into it. You can feel it and you can taste it. Be it at the Thursday nosh-ups or in form of delicious South American cocktail classics. We really had a great time and enjoyed our exchange of expertise with the lovely barman. Our new mantra: Thank God it’s Thursday!


Kleines Phi | Feldstr. 42, 20357 Hamburg | Tue-Sat, 7pm-3am (Thu from 5pm) | Facebook | Eventlink