Yippie Yippie Yeah Yippie Yeah

The festival season is coming and we’re getting ourselves warmed up! We’re making a start with goose bumps, anticipation and the very first edition of the Remmi Demmi Festival in the Glashaus of the Arena. Remmidemmi, a synonym for »frolicsome goings-on « is, incidentally, semantically related to the Austrian-Bavarian »Remisuri«, which means »the exuberance of children in absence of parents«. Well, that is a lovely promise the young festival is making. This exuberance will be inspired by local bands such as Milliarden,  Berlin indie rockers with a dirty sound, chiselled lyrics and a passionate drive. But also by the synthpop reminiscences of FINS, whose only three-month old debut album reminds us of Phoenix. Completely different but also grown from German soil: the eclectic-electronic escapades of the young NEWMEN. Offering promising newcomers a platform is one intention of this festival, which will be taking place twice annually in April and November. Headlining the first edition of it is the Australian Berliner by choice Kat Frankie with her very unique touching and intense singer/songwriter style – well-known from radio and television (yes, she’s the one delivering the dreamy soundtrack to »Schulz und Böhmermann«). She will be flanked by the whimsical pop musicians Kadebostany from French-speaking Switzerland that dare to try out anything new. Irish flair is coming in from the Raglans with their rocking pace and the soulful and versatile voice of singer Marc O’Reilly and his guitar. The mix of styles is intentional, nationality is technically irrelevant. Because, even if it sounds cheesy, one thing music can still accomplish is to overcome borders. And on April 23rd, the border between day and night. So if you want to leave your parents at home and celebrate the diversity of contemporary music on the banks of the Spree, send us an email titled ‚IMPULSIVE PEOPLE KNOW NO BORDERS‘ to hurra@muxmaeuschenwild.de. Because we’re giving away 2×2 tickets for the musical merry-go-round.
Remmi Demmi Festival | April 23rd from 8 p.m. | Glashaus of the Arena, Eichenstraße 4, 12435 Berlin | Tickets 24 Euro | remmidemmi-festival.de | Facebook