Jens Hofmayer

The 2 minutes-Interview

Nobody rolls their RRRR’s as nice as designer and communications guy Jens Hofmeyer. And the best part about it is that Jens is not even from Franconia or any other lovely r-rolling region. He was born in Mexico (one wouldn’t tell) and grew up in Uruguay, Australia, South Africa (one wouldn’t think) and somewhere Spanish, too (one wouldn’t hear). A cosmopolitan and child of our time. Comprende. We met Jens when he just happened to stumble into our office (then still in Linienstraße) and quite shamelessly starting wrapping us around his little finger with his irresistible charm. Since then, we have worked on three projects together and more are certainly to come. Oh yes, he also gave us help and advice for our redesign. Props to Jens! Or as he would say: high fives, hugs and body checks.


Name: Jens Hofmayer

Age: 38

City: Berlin

Job: communications designer

Shoe size: 46/47

Favourite font: Bauer Grotesk Pro


What is good design?

Just a little in the appropriate place with the right amount of oomph.


Who should work with you?

People that need help finding their orientation and understanding their core values, or that is to say create them. Small and medium sized companies that intend to build up a brand.


What was your greatest success?

Getting an A in math in seventh grade. I only ever got Cs and Ds before.


What aren’t you good at?

Networking at the flick of a switch. And spelling. And math. Sea above. (Ha, that was funny! editor’s note)


What’s the background image on your phone or computer screen at the moment?

A swan: head down, tail up.


What are you proud of?

That I’ve been coping without sweets for two weeks.


Your favourite swear word?

I tend to stick to the classics: Asshole.


Where were you born, where did you grow up?

Born in Mexico City. Raised in Uruguay, Australia, South Africa and Germany. And no, my father was not a diplomat.


How would your mother describe you?

A chaotic guy that hasn’t really grown up yet and is always cooking up some crazy scheme.


And your Ex?

Best friend ever! ;)


How can you tell that you’ve grown up?

I make plans.

Tell us joke!

Um, can I add telling jokes to „What aren’t you good at?”


Which which famous personality would you like to have coffee?

Well, I’d love to meet…err, Goofy. Does that count? John Cage would be pretty cool though, too.


What would you cook for us if visited you at home?

Uh-oh. Cooking… ahem. How about I invite you over for whiskey instead? Trust me, when I say you’re better off that way.


What are you afraid of?

Of being too afraid. Oh, and heights aren’t my cup of tea either. Especially not when climbing the Alps, as I found out this year.


What would you change if you had the power to?

An unconditional basic income and a pound of chocolate for everybody! As a basic principle people would welcome each other with a warm hug. And while we’re at it, I’d also ban racism and poverty. Or is that asking too much?


What should no one know about you?

The things that go on in my head. (Here’s a hint: There’s loads of confetti, a big disco ball and lots of dancing. And rainbows and balloons. And cheerleaders. (And where the hell are all the unicorns? editors note)


Which question should we have asked?

How easy is it being a designer with red-green colour blindness?


Last Words: