Jannes Vahl

The 2 minutes-Interview

Jannes Vahl is half from Oldenburg and half from Hamburg. The latter is where he put up shop two days after finishing school. Good for him, and good for Hamburg! After writing an incredible number of almost exactly 2,300 articles as an intern, trainee, freelance editor and editor-in-chief, posing for nude photos for freenet and his training as managing assistant in advertising, he and his best friend Joko founded an advertising company and probably the greatest charity project ever: clubkinder e.V. The association organizes unusual fundraising events to help fight social problems in Hamburg. Their newest project is Help Here e.V. Read what Jannes has to say about, life, love, rock ’n’ roll, super powers and dealing with tamed giant ducks. #theworldneedsmorejannes


Name: Jannes Vahl

Age: 34

City: Hamburg

Job: manager of Polycore advertising agency / head of clubkinder e.V.

Shoe size: 44 2/3 (fairtrade Chucks)

Favourite album: many, but if I had to choose: „Ten“ by Pearl Jam

Contact: Yes, please.

Do you live in the right city?

Definitely. I like being in Vancouver, New York or Berlin once in a while. But my life is here.


What was the last thing that really moved you? 

All of our charity projects. Otherwise we would not choose them.


Something you definitely want to accomplish in life?

Live. And maybe one of these days, have the feeling that humans are not the dumbest of all species.


Truth be told, what would you have never done without alcohol?

Luckily, there is an endless list of things: Meeting some of the best people, certain decisions and experiences would never have happened without Truth or Dare, night swimming or Rum and Coke.


If you were allowed one sin, which forbidden thing would you do? 

Blow up the entire BILD publishing company. Erase all of its traces. While all the “editors” are at the Christmas party.


Did you do all of the things you wanted to in your youth?

None of them. Except for meeting Malte, Stefan and Joko. I never did drugs and didn’t have sex until the tender age of 19.


If not, what’s stopping you now?

I have a sex life. I’m still not really interested in drugs. So nothing is really stopping me. I find that some of the things that were big in the nineties actually were really good: youth, free time, fountain pens and values, for example.

How can someone wrap you around his or her finger?

With concert tickets, movie nights and social intelligence.


Which book, film and record should everyone have read, seen and listened to?

To each their own. But maybe something by Rocko Schamoni, Into the Wild, Lateralus and Nirvana »Live at Reading«


Which super power would you like to have? 

I already have it.


Would you rather fight a duck as big as a horse, or a hundred horses as small as ducks?

The duck! I would tame it straight away – it can fly, run AND swim. Battlecat deluxe!


What would you cook for us if we visited you at home? 

Sugar for absinthe.


What are you afraid of?

I’m not really afraid of anything, but the stupidity of some people is awful.


When did you last try something new and what was it?

On Tuesday. Number 19 on the menu of my favourite Asian restaurant.


What should no one know about you? 

That I always liked Scotty Pippen just a little more than Jordan. How little rent I pay. Who I’m secretly in love with.


Which question should we have asked?

Who I’m secretly in love with.


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