Flowers on the wall

Ikebana is the ancient Japanese art of arranging floral elements in harmonious compositions. Designer Fabio Milito and the Paula Studio have teamed up to develop a product that has left us nothing less than speechless due to its utter simplicity and beauty. Elkebana resemble a vegan hunting trophy in the shape of a stag, deer, or tiger head – except that no animal had to lose its life. Each Elkebana is one of a kind and is hand crafted with plywood and hand blown glass. Once on a wall, it brings life to every room offering endless creative possibilities. Chop and change floral add-ons to your heart’s content and turn this trophy into a continuously changing colourful creature. Elkebana is a wonderful and very versatile decorative element for your walls and at the same time it is also a beautiful protest-product against animal killing and trophy hunts. On that note: make your own horned friend! We’re giving away an Elkebana to the most animal friendly one among you. Send an email titled TWELVE-POINTER to
ELKEBANA – vegan Wall Trophy | Price 129 € | | Online-Shop | Photo: Nouchka Huijg & Makerie Studio