The writing’s on the wall

The Somos gallery on Kottbusser Damm measures approximately 400sqm. According to official venue regulations, every person takes up space of about 0,6 sqm. In this case, that leaves exactly enough room for 666 gallery visitors. According to Facebook however, 10.505 people have already registered for the show opening this Sunday. What’s going on here??? Did Facebook develop a new event boost and decide to test it at the cost of the lovely organizers? Normally, this sort of thing only happens at asparagus parties… ;-) The graffiti exhibition features the work of seven Iranian-born artists living around the world: BamBam, Hoshvar! and F.cker from Teheran, Cave2 from London, Oham One from Berlin, PST from Toronto and Rend One from New York. In addition the show will also screen films about the Iranian graffiti-scene and some Iranian Hip Hop beats. Sounds good to us – we’re going! Hopefully the other 10.000 people won’t all be coming at the same time…
Tehran94 – the first exhibition of Persian graffiti in Berlin | 19.– 23.07.15 | Facebook