There are plenty of good burger joints in the capital and elsewhere in the country. But now, in the upcoming Berlin neighbourhood City West, a butcher has lodged himself in the ground floor of the SIR Savigny Hotel and suddenly, everything is different. Better. The name is the game: counters of chrome and steel, tiled walls and ceilings, a solid wooden table without frills, the cow hanging in front of the window as a symbol of what it’s all about here: really good meat. Since 2012, Amsterdam has been celebrating The Butcher and now, it’s Berlin’s turn – because The Butcher isn’t just any burger bar.  Only the most exquisite Aberdeen Angus Beef is good enough for a Butcher burger. Fresh vegetables, perfectly matched herbs… and, of course, the top-secret secret sauce. And it’s not about being pernickety, it’s all about the highest quality of the ingredients. We recommend the Butcher with cheese, a classic cheeseburger that is just perfect in all ways. From the meltiness of the cheese to the amount of onions to the hand-pressed patty. Or Mama’s Meat Ball Sliders: Mini-burgers including pickles and goat’s cheese. And a fabulous milk shake to go with that. So remember:  I got 99 problems, but the burger ain’t one.
The Butcher | Kantstraße 144, 10623 Berlin | open daily from 7 a.m. | | Facebook