Come hai trovato il film?

t happened during an exchange year in New Zealand: unsuspectingly sitting in front of the television and all of a sudden, there he was: Tom Selleck. And Tom Selleck’s real and very American voice. Of course, Magnum didn’t speak German – why should he, he was in Hawaii after all – but that he actually sounded that different (and definitely not any better) was rather disappointing  to say the least. This awakening experience led to the following insight: synchronised films are simply not the real thing. AT ALL. So it is all the more enjoyable that a former bakery in Kreuzberg is now home to the arthouse cinema »Il Kino« which features films from all over the world in original language with subtitles; films that have been praised during festivals yet find no distribution in Germany. A team just as international as the carefully selected program founded the 52-seat cinema: the Italian-German-Norwegian crew follows a concept that has already been a great success in Rome since 2010. At that time, a group of 54 directors, screenwriters, cutters and actors had brought to life exactly the kind of cinema they would like to go to themselves. And we’re very happy to go with them. The bar at Il Kino offers a fine selection of Italian wines and serves fresh antipasti till 10pm and that way encourages you to discuss – and digest – the somewhat demanding films afterwards.
Il Kino | Nansenstraße 22, 12047 Berlin | Mon – Fri from 12.30pm, Sat & Sun from 11am | Photo: Malene Korsgaard Lauritsen