Enjoy The Silence

What makes a holiday perfect? When we get the chance to take some time for ourselves. When we can enjoy rest and activity without having to comply with appointments and schedules. When we feel truly welcome and are given space for inspiration and relaxation. Well, we have something for you. The quaint village of Lech am Arlberg (in Austria) has only 100 inhabitants and, for the past 24 years, the matchless 4-star hotel ‚Stäfeli‘. Right on the hillside, imbedded in spectacular scenery, run with a lot of love and care and just recently elaborately remodelled and renovated, the Stäfeli (you just want to say that again and again, don’t you?) offers time and space in abundance to just let your thoughts, ideas and dreams fly. The sophisticated and stylish rooms are equipped with furniture and accessories from Gervasoni, Designers Guild or Varaschin and Rausch. There’s a spa with an indoor pool with counter current, water spouts, a sauna and a gym that offers Chimosa workshops and courses such as boxing yoga. If, that is, you have any energy left after a day on skis or snowshoes. Those who prefer to relax can resort to one of the many havens of peace and quiet. In co-operation with Stephanie Wissmann from the blog Stepanini, a literary concept was developed for each room that let’s you dive into innumerable topically matched books and texts to your heart’s content. Our highlight, however, is the ‚ZeitRaum’ (meaning time-room) which is all about spending time together, literally. Together with local decorators, game tables were designed for young and old to enjoy themselves together in Summer or Winter and turn their backs on modern technology. Delicious food is served in the restaurant ‚s’Achtele’, amongst others. People, this is the perfect holiday. The Stäfeli is re-opening tomorrow. Inquire about booking on their website.
Stäfeli – Relais du Silence Hotel | Zug 525, 6764 Lech am Arlberg | Double rooms start at 95 Euros per person / per night incl. breakfast and afternoon snack | www.staefeli.at


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Tree Houses of Your Dreams

We have a book standing in a shelf. It shouldn’t be there, because as an official coffee table book it should, of course, be lying directly on the little table in front of the couch. It features images of gorgeous architects’ flats and houses. Leafing through it inspires but always also leaves us feeling slightly wistful, that’s how far away theses oases of inspiration in brick and stone seem. What would it feel like to spend a night in a re-purposed chapel or barn, in a tree house or the private rooms of an award-winning architect? The 8-headed team of the website Urlaubsarchitektur collects and presents architecturally outstanding holiday and guest houses all over Europe. This one, for example: a re-purposed chapel with a modern interior in the middle of the green and secluded countryside of north-east England. Or the compact guest flat in the Rote Scheune on the banks of the charming lake Oberuckersee – just 70 kilometres from Berlin and equipped with amenities such as a fireplace and its own garden. Exclusive homes such as Zumthors holiday houses at 1500 metres in the mountains of Grisons are also featured – and have a certain price, of course. But luxury isn’t the credo of the initiators. The objects are selected by their architectural standard. Individuality, thought-out concepts and implementations as well as unusual ideas make it into this exquisite collection. So there is something fitting every taste and every budget. Booking, by the way, is always through the owner, not the website. And oh, there are the tree houses: in a Slovenian lime tree in the middle of Germany’s capital or a Lower Saxon Glamping-Loft. The choice is yours.
urlaubsarchitektur | ulraubsarchitektur.de |

Facebook | Photo: Rote Scheune


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