How exactly does our brain work? How did the universe come into being? Why are some brands successful and others not? And how can I get a grip on that migraine? We want to know everything and so often, the answer to everything seems just one click away. But most of the time, what we read in forums, Wikipedia articles and social media posts doesn’t really lead to satisfactory enlightenment or life-changing insights. Information yes, knowledge no. Why can no one answer the questions of our time in digestible portions, so that we can not just hear them, but understand and take them with us. The founders of Highbrow asked themselves exactly that question. And answered it themselves straight away: Highbrow fills our daily knowledge gaps with free courses that we can have sent to our inbox daily. Divided into 5-minute-workshops, the courses on offer from the areas art, philosophy, history, cooking, science, nature, languages, etc. make us a little wiser each day. If you don’t want to specialise on one area of expertise, you can just browse through all of them merrily – or take on the Highbrow Challenge and let chance decide what you’ll learn every day for 30 days. So now you know. A little more each day, that is.
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