The Scent


The Scent

Every few years, something completely and utterly cool hits the market. Something so different and special that you just have to have it. A game changer so to speak. Our favourite dudes from Brooklyn Soap Company in Hamburg have revolutionised men’s care in our neck of the woods with their natural grooming products. Plus, they put all their heart in it and did it in style. All products – whether beard care products, shampoos, grooming clay or body wash – are free of bullshit ingredients and smell wonderfully manly. Each one offers a different little journey into the land of herbal scents. But what scent brings everything Brooklyn Soap Company stands for together and sums it up in one little bottle? For their first very own fragrance they put their noses together with perfumer Mark Buxton and came up with the ultimate olfactory expression of new urban masculinity. Elegant and woody – with aromas of mandarin orange, nutmeg, absinthe, myrrh, amber and musk it spreads a hypnotizing fresh and spicy-floral scent. Instead of smothering you in a heavy cloud of essences, it surrounds you with an almost magical aura. Or to put it in Mark Buxton’s words: „It’s a fresh, spicy, floral, woody, musky fragrance!“ The bottle is entirely made of birch wood. The name „The woods“ is a tribute to the eponymous bar in Brooklyn, a place the dudes would often meet during the first chapter of founding Brooklyn Soap Company. The 50ml bottle of Eau de Perfume costs 69 Euro and can be pre-ordered at, orders will be shipped mid October. We got hold of one the very first bottles and are giving it away to the most dapper chap around. Send an email titled MY NECK OF THE WOODS to Oh, and needless to say and just like all other Brooklyn Soap products, The Woods is made of all natural ingredients. A new kind of manliness we love.
The Woods by Mark Buxton for Brooklyn Soap Company | 50ml, 69 Euro |


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Ice Ice Baby


Ice Ice Baby

Hip hip hooray! Summer is back on track and the Ice Cream Market is touring through Germany. Next stop: Altes Mädchen in Hamburg. After the Berlin issue in June had more than 8.000 ice cream enthusiasts practically overrun the Haubentaucher, the creators (Stil in Berlin, This Is Jayne Wayne and mint&berry) have decided to go into production and are hitting the road. On August 9th, Berlin’s ice cream of the crop will come together with local creators in Hamburg and will have you craving summer’s coolest delight. Swing by and satisfy your sweet tooth, shop mint&berry’s latest collection and get a makeup makeover at JACKS beauty department. As for us, we’re going to find out just how much ice cream goodness we can handle – and we’ve been on a strict training schedule… Oh, and the Ice Cream Market will also be stopping by in Cologne on August 15th and Munich on August 30th. More info on Facebook.


Ice Cream Market Hamburg |  August 9th | 12 – 8 p.m. | Altes Mädchen (Lagerstraße 28b, Hamburg) | Facebook Eventlink |


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Something phishy

Something phishy

This place in Karolinenviertel is posh, very posh. Food is served on Thursdays only and one dish only. But this is then prepared by none other than the people behind „Salt & Silver“, a cookbook combining breath-taking travel reports and mouth-watering recipes collected during a trip through South and Latin America. And at Kleines Phi is where the story continues, where real people are doing real things and putting their heart and soul into it. You can feel it and you can taste it. Be it at the Thursday nosh-ups or in form of delicious South American cocktail classics. We really had a great time and enjoyed our exchange of expertise with the lovely barman. Our new mantra: Thank God it’s Thursday!


Kleines Phi | Feldstr. 42, 20357 Hamburg | Tue-Sat, 7pm-3am (Thu from 5pm) | Facebook | Eventlink



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Dude’s Delight.

Dude’s Delight


„Brooklyn Soap Co. is having a pre-opening party. There will be good food to nosh on, drinks to get shwasted on, and some sick furniture from BoConcept to take fly selfies on. So come by, say „hi“, and have a toast with us.“ Well, we couldn’t have said it any better. Our friends from the Brooklyn Soap Company are opening their first pop-up shop — right smack in the middle of Hamburg facing the Alster harbour. The opening, er, pre-opening, will kick off at 6 p.m. with plenty of drinks, snacks and the whole shebang. The lads have already proven their knack for good design more than once: they won the Red Dot Design Award for product design and their stand at Vivaness was so beautiful it made you want to move right in. And now it’s time for their own place, if only temporarily. Those dapper dudes got BoConcept to style up their store and the walls are hung with pictures taken by celebrity photographer Thomas Heinze. Not bad! Hamburg and Brooklyn – this is where it all happens. Ladies and Gents, come on over and enjoy the party!
Brooklyn Soap’s Pop-up Shop Pre-Opening Party | 28.05., 6 pm | Ballindamm 17, 20095 Hamburg | Facebook



One of each kind.


One of each kind.

Which kind of apple juice did you last drink? Er, what do you mean, which kind? It was apple juice. Hmm, just as we thought… Have you ever noticed that although there is a vast variety of apples (supermarkets might have you believe differently) there’s usually just that one kind of apple juice? Three friends from up north have teamed up to change that. They started the project „leev“ (Plattdeutsch for love) and are bottling up different types of apples: Elstar, Boskoop and Holsteiner Cox. leev lovingly presses each apple variety separately, allowing very different and characteristic flavours to emerge. The result is unique and full-bodied natural juice that really tastes like the apples it’s made from. Unlike processed juices, these varieties are all naturally hand crafted – no preservatives, artificial colourings or added sugars. Depending on the time of harvest, they’ll taste slightly different but they’ll always be delicious – whether just plain, as an apple spritzer or even mixed in a cocktail with vodka. Although these fine juices are almost too precious to not play the lead. Currently, the distribution of the juices in the Hamburg city-area is being taken care of personally by the leev-crew. For inhabitants of all other areas, please to order. Oh, one more thing: without bees there would be no apples. And to help save the bees, 2 cents of every sold bottle of leev apple juice go to regional initiatives promoting the health of honey bees such as „beesharing e.V“, which is creating a network for beekeepers, farmers and bee friends. So each sip of leev apple juice will keep those little bees going strong. YAY! Enjoy the good stuff!
leev – single origin apple juice | |Facebook

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Reminder: Somuchmore Holistic Days


Reminder: Somuchmore Holistic Day

Hamburg and Berlin, get ready! This Saturday (Hamburg) and Sunday (Berlin), Somuchmore is inviting you to their Holistic Day – a whole day devoted to inspiration, sporty activities (don’t worry ­– no gym shorts required) and self-awareness. The Somuchmore-Team will be giving away all sorts of holistic details while talks and demonstrations on attentiveness, nutrition and fitness will encourage you to participate and share thoughts, give an interesting insight and provide you with useful ideas for your daily development of body, mind and spirit. Get your workout schedule put together on site, boost your energy level with smoothies and vegan snacks and get to know coaches and cooperating studios in person. Wow, just reading this already makes you feel good about yourself, don’t cha think?! Admission is free, just click here (HH) and here (B) for more info. It’s going to be awesome – see you there!
Somuchmore „Holistic Day“ Hamburg | 16.05.15, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. | Betahaus, Eifflerstraße 43, 22769 Hamburg | Facebook | Somuchmore „Holistic Day“ Berlin | 17.05.15, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. | Generator Hostel (Entry via the magic elevator!), Oranienburger Str. 65, 10117 Berlin | Facebook | FREE ADMISSION


Can you feel it?


Can you feel it?

You know that moment when you are all there, completely at ease with yourself – content, grounded, balanced. The moment you free yourself from anything that keeps you small, feeling your greatness, your strength and your potential. The moment you truly feel your environment and feel connected. The moment you realize you can achieve anything and everything you need to do so already lies within you. This is exactly what Somuchmore is all about. It’s about unwinding, making progress, finding your true self. Earlier this year, Somuchmore launched their holistic platform for fitness, health, nutrition and mindfulness in Berlin. One single card gives you access to the city’s best gyms and yoga studios so you can choose from different coaches, classes and workshops and, and, and ­– without signing up or worrying about long-term membership contracts. Exercise your body, mind and soul – anytime and anyplace – try new things or follow your favourite yogi. This concept has been so successful, that Somuchmore’s service is now also available in Hamburg, Munich and London. More cities throughout Germany and Europe will follow soon. (The card grants cross-city admission, too!) And since everything has been happening so quickly, there’s not even been time to say hello properly. That’s no way to start an inspiring friendship, is it? Somuchmore wants to make up for that and is inviting you to the Somuchmore Holistic Days so everyone can get acquainted. Three days in three cities ­– devoted to inspiration, experiences and self-awareness (Munich – May 10th, Hamburg – May 16th, Berlin – May 17th). Mind-expanding activities and inspiring guest contributions about attentiveness, nutrition and fitness encourage to participate and share thoughts, give an interesting insight and provide absolutely useful ideas for a daily development of body, mind and spirit. The agenda follows Somuchmore’s principle that we can only fully reach our potential and truly find ourselves trough a combination of motion, mindfulness, a conscious diet and a certain joie de vivre. Have the experts put your workout schedule together for you on site, boost your energy with smoothies and get to know coaches and cooperating studios. We’ll be there too!
Somuchmore Holistic Days | 10.05.15 Munich, Zillertalstudios, 81373 Munich| 16.05.15 Hamburg, betahaus, Eifflerstraße 43, 22769 Hamburg | 17.05.15 Berlin, Generator Hostel, Oranienburger Str.65 (entrance via elevator outside) | Facebook |


Sascha and Tobias


Sascha & Tobias

The 2 Minute Interview

Sascha and Tobias are Vater & Sohn. No, not as in father and son, but as in the heart and soul of the store Vater & Sohn in Hamburg Elmsbüttel, the only true gentleman’s shop. We met the two splendid gentlemen and sussed them out about all sorts of guy stuff: fashion faux pas, the meaning of life, movies that make you cry, penguins and lucky charms. The bottom line is that the two not only look like they just popped straight out of the latest Heritage Post issue, but they’re witty, honest, charming and super-duper nice, too. Are we allowed to say that? A manly man can. To all those sissies out there: this is how it’s done.


Name: Sascha Kampmeyer / Tobias Pflug
Age: 38 / 39
Location: Hamburg / Hamburg
Occupation: Salesman / selfemployed
Shoesize: 45 / 43
Favourite manly thing: knives / lighting a fire


What car do you drive?
S: An old Mercedes C Class Estate – our dogmobile.
T: An old Mercedes Estate.


Which film always makes you cry?
S: Oh, it’s already getting embarrassing with the second question! Well, I can only think of one film from my childhood: The Fox and the Hound!
T: The Cannonball Run – all those beatiful cars…


What is your earliest childhood memory?
S: I think I was two years old, wearing lederhosen and fell off a swing.
T: Riding through the garden full throttle on an orange and green tractor.What

would you like to pass on to your children?
S: Respect, decency and broad-mindedness. Everything else you can buy.
T: Confidence and happiness.

What is your most valued posession?
S: Wow, that’s a hard one! Well, if we’re talking about real value, then I’d say my appartement. But if we’re talking about what is most valuable to me, then I’d say my wife! But I don’t own her – so it would have to be my wedding ring, as it symbolizes us together.
T: I have a certain passion for collecting things and have lots of beautiful old things surrounding me. But value always is in the eye of the beholder. By the way: I have a ’62 Willys Station Wagon on offer! Interested?


Your worst fashion faux pas?
S: Ever? Most certainly a knitted cable jumper with elbow patches!
T: 1989 I wore glasses with red plastic frames…


What is the most important invention of mankind?
S: I could name a thousand really cool things like car engines, airplanes etc. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to this: the internet.
T: The matchstick.


If you met yourself as an 18 year-old, which piece of advice would you give yourself?
S: Take that knitted sweater off!
T: …and don’t dawdle!


Do you have a lucky charm?
S: I have two very important lucky charms on my key chain. Both are from my wife and accompany me everywhere.
T: No.


What is the meaning of life?
S: Cheesy part two…Honestly? To be happy, whatever that means for each individual. For me it is to live freely and to feel it.
T: Well, you really want to know… Life is the meaning.

Who do you admire?
S: Anyone who lives their dream! In everyday life people like my business partner and friend Tobias, who is bringing up three children with his wife and is truly living the adventure of family life. Or musicians and artists that were important for my development – like Morrissey and The Smiths!
T: I solely admire my wife! She copes with me and gave birth to our lovely three children!Which artist (dead or alive) would you like to interview in the backseat of your car?
S: Slayer’s Jeff Hannemann
T: Oh, I wouldn’t mind driving through Hamburg in an old car and having a chat with Jan Fedder.A penguin wearing a Stetson Stratoliner comes in the shop and says:
S: Gosh darn it! This shop is even nicer than I thought! I’m just passing through and I need a new pair of jeans!
T: Can I get the TalonMade braided hatbands here?If we came to visit you, what would you cook for us?
S: Currently, I’d definitely make something vegetarian. I’m thinking couscous, dal and parsley salad. But if you’d prefer something with meat, I’d make roulades just like my grandmother used to.
T: Pulled Pork, cooked on a grill for 10 hours. Served in a bun with homemade coleslaw… Delicious!!


What are you afraid of?
S: To be seperated from my wife and my dogs. And I’m definitely afraid of rats!
T: I’m not too keen on heights…


When did you last try something new and what was it?
S: Two days ago, I cut my own hair. That was new for me and quite liberating!
T: Cooking a shoulder of pork on a grill for 10 hours and then making pulled pork burgers…! Sublime!


What should no one know about you?
S: That I support FC Bayern!
T: I’m an open book…


Which question should we have asked?
S: Doesn’t that hurt?
T: Petrol or diesel?


The last words:
S: Something I finally get to have!
T: …have not yet been spoken!

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Fire up!

Fire up!

The St Pauli Outdoor Season was supposed to begin last week but then came Storm Niklas and pretty much ruined that plan. So let’s try again: Tonight, the St. Pauli Nachtmarkt is officially ringing in the summer season with their traditional barbeque kick off. April showers or not – the Biergartenzeit is a matter of honour. Best grillables fresh from the market and a huge charcoal grill will make this event picture perfect. So you won’t even mind bringing your wellies and umbrella, just in case. The menu includes pork saddle steak, rump steak à la Café de Paris, Norwegian salmon fillet and rib-eye steak with a lime and cane sugar marinade, for example. (No takeaway prices here, mind you.) There’ll be live music and plenty of cool and boozy drinks. The Nachtmarkt will open every Wednesday until October from 4–11pm. Let’s hear it for this safe haven of after-work-relaxation and fire up that grill!
Angrillen auf dem St. Pauli Nachtmarkt | Wed 10.04.15, from 4 pm | Spielbudenplatz, 20359 Berlin | Facebook Eventlink


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As green as it gets

As green as it gets

Dear people of Hamburg, we are a bit jealous. No, not because of the Olympics – you go right ahead. And not because you’ve got the North Sea close by, either. Please – forget that. But this whole thing about Stadtsalat has got us feeling a bit peeved. Crisp salads made with fresh organic ingredients and delivered right to the office by bike at lunchtime – yes, we would very much like that in Berlin, too. Click yourself through a colourful menu or be creative and make your own salad from scratch by choosing from 43 different ingredients, some bread to go with that and you’re all set for a yummy lunch. The manufacturers themselves are actually quite surprised how well this is going down with you guys. The energetic pedeleros are already delivering up to 100 salads per day in Hamburg’s city centre. Starting at an order value of 15€, they’ll even deliver free of charge. So if you’re craving crunchy snacks instead of floppy burger buns and feel like doing something good for yourself and for the environment, you should order your next lunch at or send us an email with the subject “WAHTS SNACKIN!?” to We give away a 15 Euro voucher for your healthy delight. Hopefully this service will come to Berlin and other hungry cities soon, too. Keeping fingers crossed here!
Stadtsalat |


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