Patricia’s birthday presents are the best. They’re sweet, small, and so yummy. Patricia is the Ofenkatze (stovecat) and to make a long story short: she makes the best Mini-Gugelhupf in the world. She’s not officially allowed to call them that, because­ – of course – in Good Old Germany, there are rules and regulations for that as well: only a cake made with a leavened dough is allowed to be called a Guglhupf. If you ask us, as long as it tastes good we don’t really care what it’s called. But speaking of names, we’d like to add this much: unconfirmed sources have said, that in Vorarlberg, Austria, the shape of a Guglhupf reminds people of a cat curled up in front of the stove – hence the name Ofenkatze. Good to know. Patricia inherited her passion for lovely cakes from her grandmother. Every Sunday, after Spaetzle and the like, she’d bake a marble cake to die for – in a traditional Gugelhupf baking tin, of course. A memory that stuck! Since February 13th, the Ofenkatze bakes her Mini Bundt Cakes (that’s what the little marvels are now called officially) at Fräulein Bükers at Stephanstraße 24 in Berlin Moabit. You can buy them there on weekends; apart from that everything is baked to order so far. So if you’re looking for a delicious little gift or just want something to nosh yourself, send an email to You can choose for example from lemon cake, chocolate and hazelnut brittle, raspberry buttermilk with white chocolate and many more. And especially for Easter, there’s carrot cake and eggnog-chocolate chip. At the moment, deliveries are only possible within Berlin. To those of you with a particularly sweet tooth: we’re giving away a sample set of 9 minis with the flavours above. So lick your lips Berliners and send an email with the subject “WIR SIND GERÜHRT“ to
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