Juliane Rump

The 2 Minute Interview

Juliane Rump is from the media city of Hamburg, where she used to establish facts for publishing houses such as Gruner+Jahr, the Jahreszeitenverlag, the Klett Group and Springer Science as an author and editor. Eight years ago, Juliane moved to the German capital, from where she is now creating her very own fantastic and brand new print quarterly called Libertine Magazine. The claim? „In Love With Women“. You can support Juliane and her marvellous crew by joining the Crowdfunding campain at startnext. Libertine is a society magazine that is made especially for women and revolves around the subjects of love, life and freedom. Speaking of freedom – what was that again? Let’s find out…


Name: Juliane Rump
Age: 40
Location: Berlin
Job: founder and editor-in-chief of Libertine magazine
Shoe size: 38,5
Favourite author: It would be shameful to confine myself to one name here.

Please describe yourself in three words. A tough wimp with a big dose of idealism. (Please put the words tough, wimp and idealism in bold type.) ;)


What is the biggest problem of your generation? Still being too afraid and choosing security over freedom. Especially times like these make it clear just how precious freedom actually is.
What does freedom mean to you?Freedom means to be free of social restraints and fears, being free to choose how to live and who to love. Unfortunately, not yet a matter of course.


Who or what inspires you? All the extraordinary and striking women of the world that regard society from new perspectives and accomplish great things in all sorts of different sectors. We’ve portrayed quite a number of them for our Libertine magazine, e.g. Hengameh Yaghoobifarah, Isabell Šuba, Jina Khayyer, Jouanne Hassoun…


What qualities do you appreciate in people? Freethinkers, enthusiasm paired with energy and initiative.


What you cannot get enough of? Love and friendship. Women and girl power, of course. ;)


The best invention of mankind? Music and dancing… and vegan ice-cream.


Please edit: For one day, I would like to be… A deeply relaxed and enlightened yogi.

Which superhero power would you like to have? I’d like to be a super-hero-fairy, and turn the whole of humanity into deeply empathetic beings with the wave of my wand. For me, empathy is the key to peace, love and justice.


With which famous personality would you like to go out for coffee? Pippi Longstocking. To make plans to save the world.
If we visited you at home, what would you cook for us?
To tell the truth, I’m a terrible cook. But for you, of course, I would rise above and create a super-trouper vegan menu. 

What are you afraid of? Of great stupidity and narrow-mindedness.


When was the last time you did something for the first time and what was it? I started six months ago and hopefully will not finish for a long time to come: Launch a new magazine for women and ignore doubting voices. Print is still alive! ;)


What should no one know about you? Of whom I have a poster hanging in my locker…


Which question should we have asked? When is the Libertine release party? #SurreptitiousAdvertising #LibertineMagazin


Last words:
#LoveWinsEnjoyThe FreedomToLiveTheWayYouWant


Photo: Nadja Klier