Gourmandise and Groove

Describe a perfect day. Well, that’s a no-brainer for us. Inevitably, it’s going to include friends, perfect weather, really good music (live if possible) and really delicious food (in a non-bourgeois atmosphere). Which means there are quite a few perfect days coming up, because our favourite delivery service client is going on a Bites & Vibes Summer Tour. Which means: all of the above. The best restaurants from the foodora portfolio are presenting their culinary creations in a street food format. Hand-made pasta, juicy burgers, exotic curries or pimped deli classics can be enjoyed while sauntering along – and that’s going on in 5 German cities. The street food markets in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf and Cologne are accompanied by acoustic delicacies. Selected live acts and DJs deliver the beats to match the bites. The culinary kick-off is taking place this weekend in the capital. So we’ve already started reducing our daily food-intake to make room for fermented super-cabbage from Fräulein Kimchi, vegan Donuts by Brammibal, literarily inspired burger creations by Schiller Burger and further foodie surprises. That will, we rejoice, be a perfect day!
Bites & Vibes by foodora Summer Tour | July 16th Berlin, July 23rd Munich, July 30th Düsseldorf, July 31st Hamburg, August 13th Cologne  | Facebook


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Organic Glamour

Organic Glamour

If you work a lot, you need to eat a lot. And that is why we ordered really special stuff from a really special store during our last photo-shoot for our dear client Teatox (see above for results). The Organic Glamour Food Bar on Veteranenstraße offers culinary delights for any time of day. From now on, their delicious and creative variations of textures and flavours just might please our palate every single day. Would you like a taste? We recommend starting the day with some crunchy muesli, fresh fruit and heavenly cream. Later, you should then try a hearty sandwich with avocado, lettuce and a poached egg. Really, what is the point of life without luscious bread with that perfectly crisp crust and glamorous toppings anyway? Superfood soups, daily specials, and fantastic salads with your individual ingredients top it all off. Everything is organic, homemade and very substantial. More of a meal-in-a-sandwich instead of white bread filled with nothing but air. And don’t miss the outrageously delicious chocolate brownie made of pure happiness! Have we ever been this enthusiastic about a new eatery before? Great place, great food, great people, great catering! Fancy lunch at the office? Order via foodora and have it delivered to your desk. Enjoy autumn and eat yourself happy!
Organic Glamour Food Bar | Veteranenstr. 16, 10119 Berlin | open daily, 10am – 6pm | Facebook >>



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Just what we ordered.

Just what we ordered.

What if you could order food from your favourite restaurant and have it delivered by bike to your front door at home, your office or even your picnic spot without any loss of flavour? Well, you can. The delivery service foodora has made exactly that possible. In recent years, a new restaurant culture has evolved, especially in big cities. Thanks to globalization and mobility we can get a taste of world cuisines within a stone’s throw from practically anywhere. A growing consciousness for healthy food forms and an increased sensitivity concerning the quality of raw materials and ingredients have brought a wide range of healthy and high-quality culinary offers. Finally! But what if an evening at the restaurant, just won’t fit in your busy schedule? What if there’s no time to cook (or you simply just can’t hack it) at home? To tell the truth, our stressful every day lives don’t really contribute to a healthy lifestyle. So what are our choices when most high-quality restaurants don’t offer delivery because it just doesn’t pay, and all the other’s places that do, would rather make make go hungry instead? foodora has made it their mission to solve this problem and have found a way to do just that: deliver food from restaurants that don’t deliver. A special algorithm is applied to identify the optimal route and driver for each order and to ensure the food arrives in good quality and within an average of less than 30 minutes. The restaurants are pleased about a growing number of orders, the customer is happy about good and reliably delivered food and the bike couriers get a decent pay and work under fair terms of employment – three birds, one stone. foodora is currently working with more than 650 restaurants in nine countries and 15 cities, six of them in Germany. In Berlin there’s already a 100 restaurants cooperating with foodora such as Yumcha Heroes, Bun Bao, Daluma, the Mädchenitaliener or Von und zu Tisch. At the moment, the main delivery areas are Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg and Charlottenberg. But foodora’s aim is to cover the whole city and they’re working really hard to make that happen ASAP. We love the idea and wish them the best of luck!
foodora premium delivery service |foodora.de | itunes  | Google Play Store



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