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What would you prefer to say »no« to more often? What was the best advice you ever got? What does your current partner have in common with your exes? And: Against what would you take to the streets and demonstrate? Need a moment to find the right answers to these questions? Well, imagine you’d have to answer them in front friends or your partner. Uh-huh, now we’re talking… Can love, friendship and attention all fit in one single box? Yes, they can – if it’s the Fuelbox. The Fuelbox combines coaching, couple’s and conversational therapy in a truth-or-dare kind of way. Each box is filled with a set of 170 cards containing inspiring questions compiled by actual coaches to encourage open dialogues – either with your favourite person, a group of good friends or even to boost creativity at work. There is a corresponding box for every constellation and the questions are divided into 10 different chapters covering topics such as family, future prospects, moral concepts, and sex and work life. We tested the couple’s and friends box and suddenly started moving through often encrusted Smalltalk-layers rather quickly. We drank some wine and dug a little deeper to find one or the other diamond, savour shared memories and shed a few tears together. Flowers on Valentine’s Day may be a thoughtful gift, but actively paying attention to someone means so much more. We’re giving away a Couple’s Fuelbox to the particularly talkative ones among you. If you’re ready to find out the difference between your sweetheart’s personal and professional self send an email titled ‚DESCRIBE OUR SEXLIFE IN THREE WORDS‘ to
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