The 2 Minute Interview

There are politicians that have as much in common with their portfolio as well as, let’s say Bratwurst with the colour blue. In Berlin, that’s different – at least where culture is concerned. Because that’s a top priority and therefore a matter for the governing mayor. But because he, in the best case, is busy governing, there needs to be someone competent to take care of Berlins most important advantage of proximity. As a music producer, Tim Renner discovered and supported bands such as Tocotronic, Sportfreunde Stiller or Rammstein, was managing director of Universal Music in Germany, held a chair at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg, founded and created the legendary and game-changing Motor Entertainment and, since April 2014, is Berlin’s Secretary of State for Cultural Affairs. Phew, just quickly need to catch our breath. Conclusion: the right man in the right post. Whether that will stay that way is up to the eligible Berliners voting on Sunday. Speaking of which, we took the chance to ask how one wins elections these days. And, of course, about saving the planet, basic income and the famous lonely island. Conclusion of the conclusion: Go and vote!

Name: Tim Renner
Age: 51
Home: Berlin
Profession: Miscellaneous
Shoe size: 42,5
Favourite venue: Maxim Gorki Theater, Schaubühne Berlin
Contact: via the Bureau

Do we have to have to address a Secretary of State formally?
Definitely (laugh)!

What would you like to be better at?
I’d like to be a little more patient – that would help in politics…

Can art save the world?
Who or what else could?

How does one win elections in 2016?
In the social media. Unfortunately, right wing parties have understood that best.

The biggest problem of your generation is:
We’re not growing up. And at the same time, it’s our biggest asset.

Why is digital better?
Because Tocotronic already realised that in 1995.

What are you proud of?
My children.

Please complete: Culture is to Berlin…
… What pizza and pasta are to Italy.

The famous lonely island, an iPod, three songs. Which ones?
Love will tear us apart, Love will tear us apart, Love will tear us apart.

You meet your 18-year old self. Which advice do you give yourself?
Study longer to have more free time. When I was 18, there were no standard periods of study…

With which celebrity (dead or alive) would you like to go out for a cup of coffee with?
Herbert von Karajan.

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you at home?
Whatever is in the fridge. I am both loved and feared for my creative cuisine.

What would you change if you had the power to?
I would dare to introduce basic income.

What should no one know about you?
Exactly how strictly I follow traffic regulations when I’m on my bike.

What question should we have asked?
How one manages to look good in old age (giggle).

Last words: Amen.

Foto: Senatskanzlei für Kulturelle Angelegenheit