A canteen-love-affair

Starting the new year we want to say thank you – to every single person that works at the fabulous restaurant eins44. Because whoever takes care of guests with such passion, knowledge, attention and understated charm, just has to be a wonderful person. The incredibly good service is just one great reason to pay this place a visit, hidden away in one of the back courtyards of Elbestraße and rather unpretentiously referred to as »Kantine Neukölln«. The focus, of course, is on the cuisine which is described – again quite unpretentiously – as bistro cuisine. But be assured, you’ll get so much more. All efforts not to drift off into hymns of praise fail miserably – the food here is nothing less than a revelation. The individual components of each dish are listed on the menu, but not their consistency, such as the following appetizer for 16 Euro: „Scallop. Butternut squash. Cannellini Bean. Pancetta.“ The surprise here being the unexpected way of preparation of all ingredients. Make sure to try the savoy cabbage crisps – they are formidable! As is the wine list with a focus on Riesling (our recommendation here: «vom grauen schiefer« from the Mosel region). Another plus is the ambiance of the turn-of-the-century industrial building that used to be a distillery for liqueur essences. Rustic wooden furniture and warm lighting create a frugal yet comfy atmosphere. Only downside: The menu doesn’t offer a great choice for vegetarians. But then again, it wouldn’t be the eins44, if it weren’t for the lovely staff that made the impossible possible, would it?
eins44 – Kantine Neukölln | Elbestraße 28/29 | Thu-Fri: 12 pm to 3 pm and Tue-Sat: 7 pm to midnight |