We had a dream about building our own perfect bed. We’d have to go to one of the forests on the city’s outskirts, cut down the right trees with our own hands or with the help of apprentices and have horses drag them out of the woods. We’d have the wood processed in a local saw mill, refined in a sheltered workshop and packed in recycled regional materials. The delivery would take place exclusively within the city by carrier bikes. For each bed, we would plant four young seedlings with the forest holding of Berlin forests in order to preserve the local forests and give a part of the proceeds to a defined project for nature conservation and integration in Berlin. We’d implement all of this together with friends and fund it collectively. The perfect bed would be solid and beautiful. The perfect bed would float on invisible feet and its elegant lines would give it a minimalistic appearance. Sloping trimmed edges place accents and provide additional stability so that there is no squeaking during, let’s say, an animated dream. The perfect bed would be set up in fifteen minutes – no matter whether we’re talking about a width of 140, 160 or 180 cm and exchanging its headboard lets it “grow” over the years. In short: the perfect bed would be the most local, most gently produced wooden bed of the world, sustainable, socially minded and fair. The perfect bed doesn’t just exist in our dreams – it’s actually real and is exactly as we described it. The perfect bed is called ‚Kiezbett‘. It was dreamed up and created by Kim, Margit, Jörg, Steve und you. Because if you want to snuggle up in this perfect bed to cuddle, snooze and loll around, you have until May 23rd to give your support on Besides collecting Einhorn condoms and other gimmicks, you can also buy your own cloud 9 at a bargain funding price. And who knows, maybe the Kiezbett will soon be available in other cities, produced from a local chain of materials by local protagonists. So here’s to happy cuddling, dreaming, procreating, nursing, crumbling and loving in and on the most important piece of furniture in your life.
Kiezbett | startnext Crowdfunding | | Photo: Julia Kneuese