Goodbye dirty laundry

I love my leather jacket. Not only do I feel like a rock star when I wear it, I LOOK like a rock star, too. But I have to admit that after a while, some odours of big city life just seem to stick… Every now and then it needs a good clean. But how the hell do I get it clean and back to smelling brand new? I tried a regular dry cleaner’s around the corner. They promised me a crisp and clean jacket for a mere 40 – yup, forty – bucks. I went back a couple of days later, waving my ticket – my face beaming with excitement – just to find out the shopkeeper was on holiday. For six weeks! When I did finally get it back, I was all the way back to square one after just 2 days… Hmm, so much for rockstarstardomness… Well, too bad that was before I had heard of ZipJet in Berlin. And this is was ZipJet does: At a time of your choice, they pick up your laundry at home – or any other desired location –, clean it, dry it, iron it, fold it and return it back to you. Again, when and wherever you want them to. Pronto. All orders are processed overnight (except leather jackets – they take 48 h). Take that, dry cleaners around the corner! Pricing is moderate: A whole pile of washing is cleaned and ironed for 4 EUR/kg; a shirt is washed and ironed for 2,50 EUR. Get your best suit cleaned for 11 Euro and remember to watch out for special offers. Ordering is super easy. Just go online or download the app, call for „help“, select place and time and you’re ready to go! We’re giving away a 15 EUR gift voucher to the absolutely cleanest among you. Send an email titled SO FRESH AND SO CLEAN to Oooh, it smells so goooood!

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