Pas de deux

The fantastic „Deux“ lamp stands – or rather leans – on its own two feet. That practically already explains the mode of operation. With its two long and lean legs – either brass or with a colour finish­ – the lamp leans nonchalantly against the wall and casts an indirect circle of light fraying in hypnotic streaks. Is this still a lamp or is this an installation of art? Who cares? It looks incredible either way. The effect increases when two lamps are posed as a couple. The label Deux stands for innovative interpretation and authentic manufacturing: all designs are based on industrial aesthetics and old prototypes dating as far back as 1860. The idea for this lamp came up in search of flexible wall lighting in factories, particularly for lathes. It had to be freestanding, easy to adjust and mounted without having to drill holes in the wall. Mission accomplished! We’ve already set up a lovely pair of Deux leaning against our grey studio wall. Keen on having one? Check out colours and combinations on or We’re giving away one in stylish grey with a black cord and a mirrored 60-watt bulb. Send an email with the subject „IS IT A LAMP? IS IT ART? IT’S A DEUX!“ to and maybe you’ll be dancing the Pas de Deux in your living room soon. If you have two left feet, children or pets at home, you might want to fix it to the wall after all – better safe than sorry. But don’t worry – it won’t detract from the elegance of this lamp. Not one bit.
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