In the mood for love.

The first date is always special: we’re thrilled to finally meet him or her in person – no more instagram filters to hide behind. We’re nervous and excited at the same time. Will I think of anything to say? Did I choose the right place? Will I make a good impression? Should we kiss on the first date? What the hell am I going to wear??? Don’t get us wrong: we want you to keep those butterflies in your tummy but we want you to be prepared too. So, we teamed up with a couple of our favourite brands and put together a special package bursting with all sorts of must-haves to get you a head start and help present yourself at your best. This ultimate Date Kit includes a Bloomy Days voucher to show off your romantic side, a fragrance set by Frau Toni to enhance your magnetic aura, a lipstick by ILIA Beauty for picture perfect lips, a bottle of Vertruen Rosé and a bar of Zotter lactose-free chocolate to celebrate sensual pleasures and fair-trade einhorn condoms, should you get past second base. We’re throwing in some DENTTABS teeth cleaning tablets for that Hollywood smile and fresh breath the next morning – just in case you do… uhmm, you know…The whole set is worth roundabout 120 Euro and also comes in handy for your second or third date…. We’re giving away a Date Kit to someone seeking a lot of love and affection. Just send an email titled SPREAD THE LOVE to and tell us why you deserve it most. Here’s to love and happiness!
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