The Craft and the Spirits

In clarity lies strength. Vodka and such are slowly but surely shaking off the bad rep of just being the hard stuff for cocktails. The cheaper the booze, the sweeter the taste ­– that’s no longer the way to go. As with food, beer and whatever else ends up on our tables, more and more consumers and producers are getting back to basics by appreciating genuine, pure and high quality alcohols and good spirits. Fräulein Brösel, for example, sweetly finishes off any dinner with her hazelnut and fruit brandies distilled in Berlin Neukölln. The craft movement is clearly experiencing a boom – new distillates, brands and manufacturers are popping up on the map of ardent spirits almost daily, covering a range from absinth and brandy to vodka and whiskey to rum, gin, mezcal and pastis, the motto here being quality rather than quantity. Alcohol in moderation: enjoying a drink instead of guzzling it down. This weekend, together with co-organizers and liquor experts Dr. Kochan and Theo Ligithart, the creators of Markthalle Neun invite you to the 4th Craft Spirits Festival Destille Berlin held in the warehouse of the Heeresbäckerei. On an area of 750m2, connoisseurs, enthusiasts and spirit seekers can discover up to 500 top-notch spirit specialities from 50 German and international exhibitors. Due to artisan skills and substantial quality, the use of natural and regional ingredients and the small structures, both manufacturers and their products meet with the Slow Food criteria. Thus, this event is designed in line with the ideas of Markthalle Neun as an alternative to industrial mass production and offers genuine craft spirits from around the world for a relatively small amount of money. During numerous presentations, interested novices may gain a profound insight into the world of firewater. Handcrafted quality can be savoured at free tastings and at the Craft Spirit Bar, so be sure to line your stomach! You could conveniently stop by the Naschmarkt (Easter candy market) at Markthalle Neun just around the corner… During distilling demonstrations, you can also watch how fruit brandy is made. On Saturday evening, the best spirits from three categories will receive the “Craft Spirits Award 2015”. Enjoy in moderation.
Craft Spirits Festival DESTILLE BERLIN | Sat 21.03.15, 14-22 h, Sun 22.03.15, 13-19 h | Heeresbäckerei, Köpenicker Str. 16-17, 10997 Berlin | day ticket 8 € / box office 10 € | Tickets |