Nastrovje and…roll it!

Russia. Vast spaces, endless birch forests, a touch of tragic melancholy. When we think of Russia we think of vodka and hot tea, a harsh climate with freezing cold nights. Instinctively we long for a warm and cosy place. Like a movie theatre, for example. Or a sauna. From February 8th–12th, you can have both. During the Russian Film Eeek, the “Bleiche, Resort & Spa“ – one of our all-time favourite hotels – is celebrating Russian cinema, which is as diverse as the country itself. Four whole days featuring the cinematic variety from nature documentaries to Oscar-winning historical period dramas and contemporary thrillers from and about Russia. The film program will be topped off with Russian culinary treats such as pierogi (What is it with them?!) and the bread-drink kvass. Complete the traditional Russian experience in the Country Spa: in addition to numerous treatments, the spa in the Spree Forest also offers Russian Banjas. Unwind your body and mind in the birch wood sauna and enjoy hot tea from a samovar and a soothing massage given by the bannik – the incarnation of the true spirit of Russian bathing. Afterwards, kick back and relax on a comfy cinema lounger – with a clear head and some clear vodka.
Russian Film Week | Country Spa Cinema, Bleiche Resort & Spa, Bleichestraße 16, 03096 Burg (Spreewald) | advance reservation required at 035603620 or | Photo: