For months, we’ve been looking for the perfect sofa bed that offers comfortable seating as well as sleeping. It had to be functional and convenient, look good and have a lying surface of at least 140 cm. Because no matter how fond you are of each other, there is just not enough room for two on the usual size of 110 centimetres. Finally, the odyssey has come to an honourable end. We owe endless thanks to FRANZ FERTIG who has managed to create an absolute gem of feel-good furniture laconically named FUN. With a width of 150 cm, FUN is very compact, yet extremely comfortable and as we find quite stylish. FUN doesn’t fold or bend like other sofas, instead it rotates on its own axis. What might sound rather complicated is in fact super easy and saves space. It practically swings around on the spot: the back becomes the side, and the length is he new width. Confused? Never mind! What we’re trying to say: The patent for this sofa that won the Interior Innovation Award is absolutely ingenious. Turn this lovely two seater available in countless colours and fabrics into an island of relaxation, a double bed with full sleeping comfort or a snug sitting area – all in the blink of an eye. Change of perspective included. See for yourself and give it a try at the EXIL Wohnmagazin on Köpenickerstraße, for example. Go on, have some fun!

Schlafsofa FUN by Franz Fertig | ab 1.900 Euro |