Hell yeah, we did it!

After six months, the moment had finally arrived. The last couple of weeks, we really worked our butts off to make the biggest event in the history of muxmäuschenwild happen. EO Entrepreneurs’ Organization, the largest worldwide network for entrepreneurs, had decided to hold their annual conference EO Unlimited in Berlin. 5 days jam-packed with input and world class speakers like Gordon Orr, Verne Harnish, Amanda Lindhout, Peter Eigen (Founder of TRansparency International), Uta Pippig and many more. The only mandatory requirement: create a once-in-a-lifetime-experience. Well, if that’s all – challenged accepted! The conference theme „embrace the struggle“ suddenly had a whole different meaning ;) In the end, we not only pulled off a 103-hour production marathon, but also hauled the top-class attendees all across the city – on bikes, long boards and even in canoes. We turned Kino International into a glamorous gala event location including a live performance by the lovely Jocelyn B. Smith, a hidden party and a drag queen bouncer (Hi Nekeeta!). We transformed the nhow hotel into a perfect conference location, organized dine arounds, summer parties, morning workouts and a Captains’ Dinner. We’re especially proud of our event design and the neon orange program booklet designed by our dear Saskia Ballhausen. And let’s be honest: after quoting Mike Tyson in a corporate brochure, there’s not really much that can go wrong, is there? :-) Thank you EO for the confidence you placed in us and the great collaboration. Thanks to everyone who supported us, thanks to our partners – especially Mr. Poeche from Druckhelden, RitterRichard, Organiced Kitchen, Atrium, Wodqa, Stabilo, Somuchmore, SIXT, DeineStadtKlebt, Stange Design, BRLO – and, of course, the best mmw team ever. Thank you Laura, Amina, Anna, Vivien and, and, and … THAT. WAS. GREAT.

EO Unlimited 2015 Fotoalbum