Know your type

Know your type

A profiler is a criminal investigator that draws conclusions about the perpetrator’s socio-economic characteristics based on evidence at the crime scene. He is a reflective snooper and meticulous thinker. And what profilers (on TV and in real life) do with people, is exactly what the Coffee Profilers do with coffee. And with people. The international founding team has made it its mission to bring together coffee lovers with the perfectly matching coffee variety. And the team works on various levels: For the main part, the Coffee Profilers are a coffee bar located in a place where you wouldn’t exactly suspect a nicely designed modern café – the very historic yet somewhat drab Karl-Marx-Allee. Stepping into this friendly and bright space, everything says coffee: the lovely scent, the display of items on sale, the extra long shelves filled with coffee machines. The friendly staff will inquire about your preferences concerning acidity and offer suitable varieties to choose from – which almost change daily. Feeling overwhelmed already? Don’t worry – the guys working the coffee machines know what you need. And are happy to tell you all about growing conditions, roasting levels, acidity and flavours. Listening to all this information, you can really see the passion light up their eyes. They talk about different qualities, filters and brews, and selected growing areas in high altitudes from which they receive their coffee. And all of a sudden there’s a whole new world beyond skinny latte. To top it all off, the Profilers also organise workshops and tastings. So if you’ve acquired a taste for exquisite coffee, you can learn even more than in the three minutes you have while you’re waiting for your coffee-to-go on your way to work. Or just order some really good coffee.
Coffee Profilers | Karl-Marx-Allee 136, 10243 Berlin | Mon to Fri from 8am to 6pm, Sat from 9am to 6pm, Sun from 11am to 5pm |



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Laura Zumbaum

Laura Zumbaum

The 2 Minuten Interview

Charming Laura has certainly caused a stir with selosoda – a refreshing pick-me-up made from sundried coffee cherries. We’ve already told you about the selosoda winter tea selection; her crowd funding campaign is still running and the next big coup is already in the making, too. Quite the busy bee, Miss Zumbaum! We were wondering whether all this work even left any time for everyday things like grocery shopping or simply reading a book. We looked into it and managed to ask Laura Zumbaum a few questions about fears, addictions and the ideal contents of a refrigerator. Here is the essence of our investigative work summed up in 2 minutes.


Name: Laura Zumbaum
Age: 26
City: Berlin
Job: coffee-cherry-fanatic
Shoe size: 38
Favourite cocktail: Blonde Negroni // Gin, Vermouth, orange zest, selosoda

  Do you always answer the question „How are you?“ honestly?
I try to!How are you?
Great. In 48 hours, I’ll be on my way home to Barcelona.


Your start to the day: Coffee or tea?


What are your New Year resolutions for 2016?
1. Increase the value of the coffee plant – with a product that is not only sustainable, but also tastes fantastic, is healthy and out of the ordinary.
2. Go to the seaside. Last year, I only made it to the Müggelsee – in October, for the half marathon. Not a great accomplishment!


What can you never get enough of?
Good espresso. And Bon Jovi songs from the nineties. Kind of funny, but true.


Which three items belong in every fridge?
A Pinot Gris, butter and homemade blackberry jam.


A piece of advice you never thought would come in handy:
Don’t ask for too much advice.


Do you take more after your mother or your father?
That’s hard to say. The running joke in our family goes like this: “Child, we actually found you on the street.“

With which famous person would you like to have coffee?
Giovanni di Lorenzo, during my next visit to Hamburg.


What would you cook for us if we visited you at home?
Celery and apple soup, spicy sourdough bread.
Pumpkin and ricotta lasagne, chestnuts, sage.
Lukewarm Tarte Tatin with quince.


What are you afraid of?
Of time flying by.


When did you last try something new and what was it?
Trading my apartment in Berlin with friends of Freunde von Freunden for theirs in Paris. At first we were excited, then hesitant and then very keen. We discovered a new way of travelling and made new friends.


What should no one know about you?
Maybe that I like to eat whipped cream by the spoonful.


Which question should we have asked?
Why should anyone support the selosoda crowd funding campaign?


Last Words:
I sincerely thank you. And: coffee is a fruit.

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Coffee? Cocoa? Tea!

Coffee? Cocoa? Tea!

We’ve already expressed our love for selosoda in a previous article. For those of you that missed our praise, here’s the executive summary: selosoda is a refreshing and sparkling drink made of the sundried shells of coffee beans which are usually discarded or used as a fertilizer at most. Big mistake. Huge. Because the shells are actually where the full aromas and caffeine content are hidden. selosoda is super new, super sexy, tastes of oranges, wild honey, sweet melon and mild tabacco, has the same amount of caffeine as an espresso doppio and increases the yield of the Arabica plant by 50 percent. Period. Just in time for the winter season, selosoda is introducing four new delicious hot drinks. Let there be tea! The South American “Cascara” is also made from coffee bean shells and is fruity, stimulating and invigorating. To be honest, we’ve never tasted anything quite like it. It contains all natural caffeine and has a rather special flavour, which might not be everyone’s taste, but is addictively yummy for those who like it. The second novelty “Cacoa” is made from, yes, you’ve guessed it, roasted cocoa bean shells. Unlike the Cascara, which is carefully sundried in Panama, the cocoa shells are roasted here in Berlin. The result is a brew that looks and feels like tea but tastes super chocolaty, almost like a bar of fine chocolate with a very high cocoa content. Both teas are also available as winter tea blends mixed with spices such as anise, cardamom, cinnamon or organic bourbon vanilla, come in stylish amber glass jars and we think they make absolutely perfect gifts for anything and everyone. We’re giving away 2 sets of all four brews, so if you’d like to get a head start on your “Christmas shopping” or just treat yourself, send an email titled “COCOTEA” to Oh, and just in case we forgot to mention it before: this is really strong stuff! ;)


selosoda cascara, cascara+, cacao und cacao+ |



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What goes around comes around


What goes around comes around

Our friends from the Coffee Circle are opening a pop-up shop. Hooray! End of story. Well, maybe we should mention that they’re doing this because they’re celebrating their 5th birthday and besides really good coffee, there’ll also be a bunch of interesting coffee-workshops. Learn how to make the perfect espresso, how to boost your energy in a healthy way, find out why the hell everybody’s drinking filter coffee again, which coffee-cocktails are really worth it, and ­– while we’re at it – learn how to create artistic hearts and leaves on top of your coffee. Find the complete list of events and book your tickets here. The grand pop-up opening will take place on Sunday, November 1st, and the café will be opened for one week (8am–7pm during the week, from 10am–7pm at the weekend.) Mention the code word muxmäuschenwild to one of the baristas and get your first cup of filter coffee for free. We’re giving away one of the highly coveted seats for the Health & Energy Boost Workshop with Lisa Müller on Saturday, November 7th to the biggest coffee junkie among you. Send an email titled “SPILLING THE BEANS” to


COFFEE CIRCLE Pop Up Café |, Mon-Fri 8am-7pm, Sat+Sun 10am-7pm | Oranienstr. 58, 10969 Berlin | | Events| Facebook 


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