Know your type

A profiler is a criminal investigator that draws conclusions about the perpetrator’s socio-economic characteristics based on evidence at the crime scene. He is a reflective snooper and meticulous thinker. And what profilers (on TV and in real life) do with people, is exactly what the Coffee Profilers do with coffee. And with people. The international founding team has made it its mission to bring together coffee lovers with the perfectly matching coffee variety. And the team works on various levels: For the main part, the Coffee Profilers are a coffee bar located in a place where you wouldn’t exactly suspect a nicely designed modern café – the very historic yet somewhat drab Karl-Marx-Allee. Stepping into this friendly and bright space, everything says coffee: the lovely scent, the display of items on sale, the extra long shelves filled with coffee machines. The friendly staff will inquire about your preferences concerning acidity and offer suitable varieties to choose from – which almost change daily. Feeling overwhelmed already? Don’t worry – the guys working the coffee machines know what you need. And are happy to tell you all about growing conditions, roasting levels, acidity and flavours. Listening to all this information, you can really see the passion light up their eyes. They talk about different qualities, filters and brews, and selected growing areas in high altitudes from which they receive their coffee. And all of a sudden there’s a whole new world beyond skinny latte. To top it all off, the Profilers also organise workshops and tastings. So if you’ve acquired a taste for exquisite coffee, you can learn even more than in the three minutes you have while you’re waiting for your coffee-to-go on your way to work. Or just order some really good coffee.
Coffee Profilers | Karl-Marx-Allee 136, 10243 Berlin | Mon to Fri from 8am to 6pm, Sat from 9am to 6pm, Sun from 11am to 5pm |