There’s this moment when the lights in the concert hall are dimmed, the last cough fades away and the polyphonic chatter turns into silence. It’s the moment when the conductor lifts his baton. The collective intake of breath before the first note sounds. This moment can’t be compared to the heated atmosphere, the cheering mouths, the hooting fans that herald the first strokes of a rock or Hip Hop concert. On the 14th of September, however, these two different atmospheres are being brought together for one night at the Konzerthaus Berlin. Thanks to conductor JIMEK, rapper Mo Trip and the Berliner Konzerthausorchester. Lebanon meets Poland, flow meets beat, Hip Hop meets classical music. The Polish composer JIMEK enjoyed an education in classical instruments early on, but developed a passion for Jazz and Hip Hop thanks to his parents’ record collection. He tinkered and sampled and realised that an orchestra is the best sample there is. The climax of all this tinkering: the „History of Hip Hop-Medley“ with a full orchestra. This piece will also be played at the Gendarmenmarkt. The focus, however, will lie on the Beirut-born rap poet Mo Trip. Together, they not only re-arranged selected songs from Mo Trips successful albums „Embryo“ and „Mama“ for the orchestra but also wrote three new songs exclusively for these fulminant sounds. Enchanting voices, sophisticated lyrics, pompous tones, the right beat, feelings, atmosphere, melodies. Is it classical music? Is it Hip Hop? Does it matter? Because everything is music and music is everything.
MOTRIP orchestrated by JIMEK |  September 14th 2016, 8 p.m. | Großer Saal, Konzerthaus Berlin, Gendarmenmarkt, 10117 Berlin | Tickets ab 27 € | | Foto: Sascha Haubold