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So this is how Christmas is done right, isn’t it: You sit down at a big table with your nearest and dearest, feast without limits, drink too much, discuss and waffle on, hug each other, forgive each other one or two things that happened in the past year. Cheeks are aglow, the next course is served, the napkins are stained, the floor is covered in wrapping paper. When the last candle has burnt down, the hearts are still on fire. If you look at it that way, everyday is Christmas at Studio Olafur Eliasson. Up to 90 people sit down to eat lunch together daily at the Icelandic artist’s long table. And now, we can all be part of it. The favourite 100 vegetarian recipes have been put together in one fantastic book. On the one hand, this book makes you want to organise a gigantic room with a looooooong table for yourself and invite all your friends (the recipes are adaptable for groups of up to 60). On the other hand, this creation inspires all kinds of thoughts revolving around eating and cooking. Because ‚The Kitchen‘ is more than a cookbook. It tells the story of the studio and presents people who are passionate about culinary arts. It confronts with ideas about working and eating and shows how closely these two aspect are tied together. You can’t study on a full stomach? Fiddlesticks. The best ideas are born when we sit down to eat together!
Studio Olafur Eliasson The Kitchen | 39,95 € |  | |

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Christmas is a comin‘


Christmas is a comin‘

Well, almost. And you can never start preparations early enough, right? So, all you designers, manufacturers and creators out there, listen up! And don’t worry, we’re not getting our Christmas stockings out or baking cookies just yet, but we would like to give you some exquisite advice: The marvellous Katja Weber and her team, who have already come up with memorable market concepts such as the Zurich Montagsmarkt, Frau Gerolds Garten, the Berlin Design Market and Heiliger BimBam at Neue Heimat, are preparing to launch the next big thing. And those familiar with Katja know: the sky’s the limit – if even that. The Sechseläutenplatz – probably THE hottest place in the middle of beautiful Zurich – is where Katja is planning to set up a whole Christmas village. And we’re not talking about the usual Christmas market bursting with mundane kitsch and sickly sweet smells. Instead this is going to be a new take on an old classic: festive stalls and giant fir meets streetfood and urban chic, Swiss cheese meets pulled pork. Truly, a new Zurich highlight with the best that Switzerland and other countries have to offer! Be a part of the shindig and submit your concept and product range on Registrations are currently open till August 31st, 2015. Find out more here. Zurich is booked!


Zürcher Weihnachtsdorf | 19.11.-24.12.15 | Sechseläutenplatz, 8001 Zürich, Schweiz |


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