Squeeze the day

If life gives you a lemon – challenge it! This is what the very likable guys behind LEMON must have had in mind when they started developing their ultimate app. Remember the smartphone quiz-craze? Or all those sport-apps helping you to conquer your weaker self with extra short training routines? Well, LEMON is the queen of all challenge-apps bringing together what is fun, encouraging you to take action, to strive a little higher and to squeeze the most out of every day. The idea is simple: you can challenge yourself, your friends or even strangers in all sorts of different ways using the LEMON app. The challenge can either be kept private or made public by invitation. It’s not only about achieving sportive goals – the challenges can easily be applied to any part of daily life as the app is a reminder, journal and motivation machine all in one. “Drink three litres of water every day for one month”, “Ride your bike to work for three weeks“, “Do as many push-ups as you can in 10 days” – just to name a few suggestions to help you get started. The user can choose between different challenge categories either aiming for speed, maximum score or perseverance. The first version of LEMON is available for download at the Google Play Store and the App Store. We’ve had access to a test link for quite a while now and have been in total challenge-mode ever since. Bring.It.On.
LEMON – Challenge App | mylemonapp.com | Price: €0,99 per year |  Google Play Store | App Store