The greyer, the more colourful. When the mean, hazy fog of autumn slowly swallows the sunlight, the days get shorter and the rain showers get longer, we get blissfully comfortable in our homes. Our bodies warmed by a cup of tee, the feet and soul warmed by the new, radiantly coloured favourite carpets by Richard Kim and Philippe Layani, in short: Kim Layani. The two men from Freiburg are fascinated by the Berber’s rich tradition of carpet weaving, who not only use their carpets with the patterns full of symbolism as floor covering, but also as clothing or bedding. Thank God, you want to cry out and gently stroke the purple thread with the soles of your feet. And Kim Layani prefer that thread to be 40 to 60 years old. Not only for reasons of sustainable recycling, but also because of the quality. Back then, the sheep who gave their wool for the carpets still grazed on the high plains. That made their coat durable and shiny. And this effect radiates from the carpets. The guys have various collections on offer, with no kilim looking the same as the next one. Truly handmade, woven right there in Morocco. The name stands for old, repeatedly cleaned carpets that have been dyed in bright colours in oversized wooden tubs. And for the series Nouvelle Vague, various materials such as silk, linen or cotton are spun together to create new patterns. It’s the antithesis to the dusty image of old carpets: old art brought into new form. Timelessly modern and pretty damn colourful.

Kim Layani | Showroom Berlin: Mariannenplatz 21, 10997 Berlin | | Facebook